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CDP vs. CRM – What Marketers Should Know?

CDP vs. CRM – What Marketers Should Know?


The marketing department is often the first to receive new insights on customer touchpoints, preferences, and behavior. Every day, marketers are told more about their customers’ needs and which channels they use. Yet while it’s true that marketers have some of the best customer insight data in an organization, it takes a lot of effort to put all of these pieces together to make it actionable.

A significant part of the challenge is in how different these channels are. For example, today, consumers might begin their journey on email or social networks, then switch to search engines and mobile apps when they’re out shopping in stores or walking around town. Understanding this behavior is essential for marketers because it influences the types of marketing messages they should use.

Consumer relationship management (CRM) and customer data platform (CDP) solutions can help marketers navigate these channels, but some big differences between the two will affect how you approach them: 


In conclusion,  while CRM tools are essential in the marketer’s tool belt, they do not provide a complete view of your customers. On the other hand, customer data platforms allow marketers to access accurate and timely customer insight using their existing marketing technology stack.

Pro tip: You can’t have a one-way conversation with your customers and prospects. You need to engage them in several ways, capturing their attention through various channels: social media, email marketing, events, and more. CDPs unify multi and cross-channel marketing efforts by supplying consolidated, accurate data. They also serve to collect and organize new data that may inspire other, ongoing marketing efforts.

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