It was predicted that in the year 2020, nearly 80% of businesses would implement the use of Chatbots. These are primarily smarter & a more available version of humans that can keep customers engaged when there’s a need, or just all the time!

With ADOHM, you can run your business through AI chatbots and fix on the type of communication you want to share with your end customers.


  • 64% of internet buyers feel that 24-hour service is the best feature of chatbots
  • 37% of people use a customer service AI bot to get a quick answer in an emergency
  • It was estimated that almost a quarter of the world’s population had interacted with chatbots last year

Be present on Messaging Platforms

Customers prefer to interact with brands through simple means of communication –Chats are the most common method as they’re quicker – organizations have to up their chance of being available to every client through AI Chatbots.

Moreover, 65% of mobile phone usersdo not download any new applications often. Since clients have their basic communication applications, like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and so forth., they don’t search for new ones. Subsequently, incorporating your own chatbot into one of the mainstream platforms like these can build better brand communication.

Better Lead Generation

Chatbots can always assist in collecting the right customer data and understanding their preferences. Therefore, customized messaging that helps users along their “buying journey” is simpler with the customer data that chatbots get. A bot can ask vital and aptquestions, convince customers and produce a lead for you. Chatbots certainly guarantee a quicker route tohigher conversion rates.

Likewise, a chatbot can assist businesses with determining the unfit leads through distinguished KPIs and help you understand the way around those time-consuming leads.

Enhanced Customer Service

Research shows that 83% of online customers need assistance during shopping. Therefore, your clients may need support to know which items fit their needs at any specific point. In addition, customers may not discover the product of their choice because of other distractions present when they are on your website. It could just be due to several factors like multiple, complex options, or simply lack of information.

In every one of these circumstances, chatbots can offer help just like a sales rep in a genuine store. Additionally, chatbots can also ask intelligent questions to comprehend customer requirements.

Proactive Customer Interaction

Most companies do not have the structure or the bandwidth to initiate conversations with their web customers. Instead, AI Bots are your go-to option for best customer services. For every customer who visits your e-business, it is wise to have a bot that does this for you. There are brands that even opt for chatbots to begin a simply, casual conversation with customers without pitching a product and this too makes for an excellent branding strategy.

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