Chatbots are the next big thing when it comes to AI Marketing. Yes, we all know it. But what about it? Is it okay to generate monotonous robotic content and pass it off as communication? How valuable is that going to turn out for your end user, and most importantly, your business?

Chatbots need to have a personality that remind people of your brand in any way. They can be quirky, funny, sarcastic, or masterminds that play with your mind with something as simple as a riddle! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Studies suggest that by 2022, chatbots will help companies save over $8 billion per annum
  • 63% of users prefer communicating with an AI chatbot.
  • According to a study, 82% of web users want an ‘immediate’ response rather than waiting for a human assistant
Chatbot Replies Can Engage Your Customers

Up Your Bot’s Lingo Game – ‘Greetings for the day’ or a Formal ‘Hello!’would not always work in your favour. Of course, it completely depends on the kind of business space you are in. You can modify your Bot’s personality by keeping it up to date with the lingo that your potential audience is likely to engage in. For example, if you are a retail ecommerce business, you can go light in your conversations by saying something like: “How about I help you save some bucks on your next purchase? Here’s your personalized discount code. You can thank me later.”

Use of Emoticons– Ensuring your AI bot service to be as human as possible might seem tough. But you can always try fixing this by making your conversational bot use emojis. A friendly and welcoming gesture by your Chatbot is the key. The real challenge lies in trying to not make it seem robotic!

Get to the Point, nicely–To grab a user’s attention, you must be specific in what you want to communicate. But ironically, the key lies in not being robotic about it. Ifyou want to sell your latest product, make it enticing for your user in a way that they at least remember your product, if not purchase at that moment.

Recommend options based on customer questions–There is huge potential to understand your audience through AI Chatbots. However, most businesses that implement AI are still getting it wrong. Communication even with new-age AI Bots is still impersonal, and this creates a huge gap in grabbing customer attention.

90% web users find personalized messaging highly appealing. So, ensure your AI Bot is fed intelligent questions. If you’re giving your user an online shopping experience, let your bot confidently say: “You know what? I think you might find something better on this (link) page.”

Survey the Chatbot Way– Most web users can be visiting your website for information that is crucial and not spend too much extra time. Your AI Chatbot can be your best bet when it comes to doing a quick market survey and understand user choices. A simple questionnaire by your friendly AI conversational bot will create a lasting impact on your audience. Most often, this leads to the user spending more time on your services to learn more out of curiosity.

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Have you tried any of these personalized Chatbot messaging techniques for your business? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.