You can’t overlook the chatbot’s case for your business, both as customer experience and sales tool. 57% of customers who choose to call enterprises instead of talking online do so because they want to speak to a ‘real person.’

But those figures relating to customers’ mutual distrust of bots generate poor press for automatic dialogue. While there is specific logic in maximising possibilities for a human consumer service workforce to establish more emotional associations with users, there are areas where chatbots can excel in bringing an exceptional customer experience model to your business.

enhance with chatbots infographic

Instant troubleshooting

A study completed at Harvard’s Business School which found that customers generally prefer a swift answer as opposed to a wholly accurate one. The need for underlining a visitor’s value with quick communications as a driving power after her company’s choice to roll out chatbots. Capable of natural language processing, these chatbots can recognise a customer’s question before firing back a response instantaneously.

Administrative excellence at a fraction of the cost

IBM reports that the consistent performance of dealing with the bulk of customer enquiries and troubleshooting will lead to chatbots incorporating businesses around $8 billion by the year 2022 – a jaw-dropping increase on the $20 million collected in 2017.

Sometimes, your customers aren’t interested in calling your customer service desk between 9 am and 5 pm to check the status of their order, which is precisely when a chatbot can shine.

The bot can also understand keywords to reply to requests about store locations and engage users on a more human level if it detects words that are connected to anxiety.

Communication at anti-social times

Chatbots create a cost-effective midpoint of maintaining (most of) your consumers during those inconvenient times at night and on the weekend.

Did you know that consumers can expect to be held in confinement for an average of seven minutes before being allotted to a customer care agent? This is a particular Achilles heel of businesses that pay more to keep staff on the other side of the line ready to deal with customer issues outside of traditional working hours. It sends a specific message to consumers but represents a significant overhead – mainly to keep your positions open during the weekend.

Highly adaptive

Chatbots can deliver sharp adaptability to your customer experience. They’re not only capable of handling password resets and providing answers out of hours, but they can also identify users writing in multiple languages and adjust their responses accordingly.

Having a multilingual chatbot helping consumers clears the door to a potential consumer base of billions of people – although many experts have highlighted the challenge of getting it linguistically accurate.

More engagement opportunities

How often do we see a friendly greeting appear in the bottom corner of our browser when browsing e-commerce sites? More businesses are embracing preemptive chatbots that take the leadership of making their appearance known to customers; with such a harmonious and cost-effective way to bridge the gap with your site visitors, it’s quickly becoming essential for your business to make use of such a compelling customer contact tool if you want to stay aggressive.

Ability to conform to house styles and conventions

Your brand is your status, and it’s necessary to control consistency in communicating with customers. While human consumer care operatives can bring their character through when creating relationships with consumers, it’s chatbots that are competent in maintaining a tone and vocabulary that’s in tune with your company identity.

This method works particularly well when your business markets itself to a preferred demographic. Younger audiences can react well to the more intimate and friendly manner of communicative styles, while older consumers are looking to buy in a less impulsive, more serious market. This makes for a universal company image that users can relate to.

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