A chatbot is a software powered by artificial intelligence which can simulate a conversation with a user via platforms like websites, mobile apps and other mediums using language which the end-user can understand. It is considered as one of the most promising ways of interaction between machines and humans.

So why is it essential to incorporate Chatbots into the model of your business?

Generating revenue holds the highest priority for each business; it is essential to keep the business rolling and keep delivering salary. Artificial intelligenceChatbot is one of the most helpful and valuable consumer loyalty devices for upgrading client experience and ensuring income for the business. Chatbots are programs proposed to collaborate with clients through content or voice-based mechanisms for settling questions and building a relationship.

Recent studies say that the Chatbot market has seen a significant development from $703.3 Million in 2016 to an astounding $3,172 Millions by 2021. It has been proposed that by 2020 Chatbots will be voice-driven, hands-free assistant to make conversation with no need of typing texts. Users can speak about their requirements and get the best resolution from the bot within seconds.

ADOHM’s AI Chatbot has helped the customers to a great extent with the following benefits

reasons why businesses have made the shift to ADOHM's AI-powered Chatbot
  • Actively engage and educate your potential customers.
  • Book appointments with your prospects.
  • Create content, productive responses to FAQs.
  • Collect specific info while actively engaging with your audience.
  • You’d be able to create an automated process based on responses of your customers. Our systems can deliver pre-defined messages based on keywords in the customers’ response.
  • You will be able to deliver essential information regarding your brand, and curate customised messages to your customers.

How to train the Chatbot?

  • While creating a chatbot for your website/business, you need to login to access your sales suite.
  • Under the chatbot section, You can start training your Chatbot by giving it a name – for, eg. ADOHM-Bot
  • After naming the bot, you can create entities, responses and expressions for the following
    •  Name
    • Email addresses
    • Including work email
    • Brochures
    • Phone numbers
    • Including mobile
    • Fix appointments
    • Connect to the sales team for assistance.

There are different categories which help you define and train the bot

  • Pre-defined entities – These entities are default categories already in place for creating a bot for which multiple responses can be edited/added/ deleted as and when required.
  • User-defined entities – These entities are categories that the user can create/delete any time they want with multiple responses.
  • Training Data – It is the part of training where a user can add buttons for the Chatbot for the smooth navigation of your customers.
  • URL training Data – This section caters to the part if a user wants to train and show specific content for the internal pages of a website.

CONFIGURE – this section lets you connect your trained Chatbot to the different platforms, whether it is a website or social media platforms like Facebook or a messenger app like WhatsApp.

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