A Chatbot helps personalise the interactions between your lead and help get insights and usable information from your points.

All it takes for the Admin is to create entities, responses and expressions.

Adohm allows you to extract relevant pieces of information or entities from what your users might say to your app.

website bot for your business points


A Chatbot helps personalise the interactions between your lead and help get insights and usable information from your leads.


  • Makes your website a Helpdesk with Zero-Waiting Time.
  • Delivers personalised experience that is high on demand.
  • Helps with improving User Engagement.
  • Help derive Business Intelligence.
  • Helps in enhanced Lead Generation.
  • Allows sending of Relevant Push Notifications.
  • Helps monitor Consumer Data.


Through WhatsApp Business account, you will now be able to represent your brand better and engage with your customers in real-time.


  • Provide answers to FAQs.
  • Request for helpful information.
  • Initiate brand-related conversations.
  • Provide real-time support.
  • Create customised greetings.
  • Setup away message.


Over 800 million people use Facebook messenger every month, and incorporating it into your business strategy has never been simpler. With our automation feature, your brand can connect to the customer effortlessly.


  • Create an extension to your Facebook business page.
  • Actively engage and educate your potential customers.
  • Book appointments with your prospects.
  • Create content-rich responses to FAQs.
  • Collect specific info while actively engaging with your audience.

The fundamentals of communications has changed. With more than 5 billion accounts worldwide, messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp have made it easy to connect in a more personal way with friends and family from anywhere in the world.

Businesses know they need to be where their target audience is.The no. of channels that consumers engage with are continually expanding and along with it the technology has changed quite a lot. The focus nowadays is on AI bots, and more interactivity in messaging rather than the traditional call centre experiences. 

When you begin creating your chatbot on ADOHM , the platform gives you various pre-defined options for your training. The best part of using ADOHM’s Bot is you can implement it anytime and on any platform without having to train it separately . You can add images, website links, PDFs, etc. and train the bot on keywords as well as traits.

It’s a way of building a series of questions that are dependent on specific input criteria from the user to reach a given response or solution. Remember, a bot is supposed to be able to understand the intent and deliver a solution in the most efficient way possible that’s the main point of building a conversational strategy.

Things like buttons, cards, or other elements which help you enhance your User interface experience can be helpful here. For example, when chatting with a friend on Messenger, you might notice that the app prompts you to do certain things, depending on what you’ve typed in.

ADOHM’s Chatbot builder is one of the best to train and implement your conversational marketing strategy across the platforms where your customers engage.

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