There has been a climactic change in the way companies and consumers have been communicating over the past few years. With everything going digital, consumers are frequently opting for ways to communicate that are convenient, simpler and faster. Similarly, Companies are looking for possibilities that will promote various forms of customer engagement.

Marketers no longer want to adhere to the traditional forms of marketing and are always on the outlook for more innovative possibilities to interlace with their users. After social media marketing, the shift has been to a more personal form of marketing through messaging. The change has been continuous but now has gained momentum with the development of OTT apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and more.

A chatbot is a service, fed by both rules and artificial intelligence. End users talk with a chatbot using a chat interface. This chat is similar to how they would speak to people in real life.

Below are the four ways chatbots are going to change marketing and how brands are going to benefit on this:

chatbots to transform marketing

1. Improved engagement with customers:

Commitment to online advertising is determined by clicks, likes, shares and comment. The parameters of engagement, therefore, remain limited. With chatbots coming into play, consumers can take deep dive into real-time conversations which allows them to have an interactive encounter and a better comprehension of the brand when compared to the traditional form of advertisement.

2. Feedback directly from users:

The best methods of collecting consumer feedback has been through surveys and emailer. However, the difficulty lies not in the amount of input gathered but the value of it. With chatbots, brands will be in a place to engage in highly particular and interest-based communication with the customer. This will result in obtaining useful feedback.

3. Personalized customer experiences:

Most Brands are always looking for ways to   engage with their customers. Communications that are appealing enough to trigger answers and targeted based on their interests. With Chatbots, brands are able to make the most out of it. Brands can filter their interests through a series of quick interrogation and suggest relevant answers over a short period to the users, something that every customer seeks.

4. Build brand awareness:

Brand awareness through online videos ads, banner ads and advertisements have been the most common and now regarded as traditional forms of marketing. With chatbots, marketers can go past the conventional ways of marketing and introduce its brand colours, stories and more further in the conversations.

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