Customer Experience experts say that you need to engage with your customers on the channels and platforms on which they are active. With 1.5 billion users across 180 countries, WhatsApp is a channel you can’t miss out on. Here’s how you need to leverage it. Hint- Use a WhatsApp chat bot.

Why WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is now the Go-To messaging platform for most people. It’s come to the time where we’re sending 29 million messages every minute. That’s about 65 billion a day.

This means that people are now more convenient using WhatsApp than any other platform. So, it makes much more reason for them to be able to communicate with you over WhatsApp, rather than requiring them to download your app.

WhatsApp boasts a user-base that’s 200 million strong

And interacting with them on WhatsApp has another advantage. The engagement rates are into the roof. While you’d attempt to get a 15% open rate on your emails, WhatsApp messages have an engagement rate of around 70%.

WhatsApp does have certain vital advantages in some countries. In India, for example, WhatsApp boasts a user base that’s 200 million active.

Website announcements and social media posts can be useful, but not as much as WhatsApp.

How does WhatsApp chat bot work?

WhatsApp would send them a notification whenever you distributed an announcement to them. That’s much more efficient than a simple statement on social media or even your website. It’s more potent at stimulating action.

And to make it better, you can estimate the effectiveness of your WhatsApp messages, with deep analytics, right on the ADOHM portal.

Here’s another purpose why you need it. When your consumers need help, they don’t want to lose time calling someone up or navigating through your website to find a ‘Contact Us’ section. They want to have their problems resolved in the simplest way possible. If they’re on WhatsApp, you need to be there too.

So, do I need to build a WhatsApp chat bot?

Even if you have a smaller company and could manage your clients without a chatbot, you do need to realise that consumers today are spoilt. We want what we want when we want it. We don’t wait for anybody.

So, if you’re incompetent of communicating with consumers at odd hours, you could lose out on their business. Your time would be better spent doing something more productive than answering issues mechanically.

With our live chat functionality, your bot can control all the routine, uniform queries and send only the complex ones to the human agent. Mostly, your employees get to spend their time on more productive tasks that require an advanced, reasonable intellect.

How do I build a WhatsApp chat bot?

ADOHM’s no-code platform

It’s a smarter solution. Why painfully code a bot, when you could build it visually on the ADOHM Chatbot Platform?

To make it better, chatbots built on ADOHM can engage with all your customers.

It’s always great to add a human touch to your bot. But, most people don’t do this right. To save your users the frustration of repeating everything they said to the bot while chatting to the live agent, ADOHM provides the agent with the user’s entire conversational history. We’re all about making life easier; for you and your users.

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