BSCPL Infrastructure, the real estate vertical of conglomerate BSCPL Group have apartments and villas ranging from 45 Lacs to 5 Cr. Being a relatively new entrant in real estate market their major challenge was to stand out in the market and reach to potential buyers and sell the inventory within a planned timeline.


BSCPL Infrastructure decided to run their ad campaigns on ADOHM, rather than doing the traditional way. Using previous customer data and incoming campaign data, ADOHM identified and executed hyper-local campaigns based on user insights discovered along its journey. It precisely targeted the active home buyers with personalized ad creatives based on individual buyer’s preference.


In the first month of running the campaign, there was 100% increase in leads per month, 50% of which are from look-alikes. The organic traffic and enquiries through website has also increased significantly. BSCPL Infrastructure vouches on ADOHM now and planning to increase their ad spend by 3-fold on ADOHM.


Decrease CPL



Increase in leads
Per month



Sales credited to
ADOHM in 1 month


What our Customer say?

We had partnered with ADOHM with the sole aim to increase lead generation and subsequently increase sales. ADOHM provided us with a co-ordinated approach with their integrated marketing technology. The targeted and outlined approach for prospectives powered by their amazing AI tech helped us in accomplishing better results. Artificial intelligence powered advertising platforms has proven to make a plethora of difference for us in a competitive market place.

Ajay Kumar Singh,

Marketing Head, BSCPL Infrastructure Ltd.