CONCORDE Group is a reputed name among property seekers and they rely significantly on digital campaigns for lead generation. For every project, they have maintained very specific performance goals within a certain pre-decided marketing spend. For Napa Valley project, the CPL was high invariably and conversion rate was also low. There was a raising concern to relook at their campaign strategy and maximize the advertising budget.


ADOHM's AI monitored Concorde's ad performance 24/7 and shuffled budgets toward channels that are performing better than others, effectively lowering CPL. Spreading the budget throughout multiple channels places ensured that the project was shown to greater number of target people, which in turn increased the enquiries by active property buyers.


ADOHM successfully maximized the ad spend for the project, decreasing the cost per lead by 76%. There was no requirement for a human campaign manager to optimize the campaign and shuffle budgets at the high performing channels, as ADOHM did that with its Artificial Intelligence.


Decrease CPL



Increase in
Qualified Leads


What our Customer say?

Inspite of running focused campaigns for Napa Valley project we were burning lots of money on adwords without much results. ADOHM came as an obvious choice as we believed in the power of machine learning to simplify and rescue us from the challenges..

Sreerag SS,

Manager - Digital Marketing