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ADOHM is an AI based platform that automates your ads on multiple channels. ADOHM is designed to be a marketer’s best friend. This uses the power of big data and incorporates machine learning techniques, predictive analysis to deliver a high level of personalized ads across multiple devices and channels with minimal human intervention to run campaigns.

The social media platforms that ADOHM is associated with?

  • Display ads
  • Native Ads
  • Search ads
  • Email marketing

Drip Marketing is any marketing communication broken down into bits and spread across an extended period to gently nudge the prospect to take an action, instead of selling point-blank. When you do drip marketing, you don’t try to sell in the first interaction, not even on the second.“You track your prospect’s behavior, send them bits of content they’d find interesting, and sell only when they are perfectly ready to buy, based on their actions.”

What are the most important features of drip marketing?
  • It is super relevant, each lead is unique, they are individuals, with opinions, preferences, likes and dislikes. You cannot ignore that when you communicate with them

  • It is personalized Drip marketing engages your leads in a highly-personalized manner. It isn't spray and pray, it’s drip and grip.

  • It takes into consideration the interests of your leads, and is triggered based on their activities, instead of sending the same generic message to everyone. These messages are automated but are personalized based on the recipient’s interests, they are highly effective in catching the recipient’s attention, being opened, and making a sale.

    Drip emailing is,
    • It is based on user behavior
    • It is pre-written
    • It is automated and sent on a schedule

The advertising technology available today is providing marketers with more visibility than ever before. This transparency allows for more objective decisions to be made in real time, versus the old world. It’s time to embrace the data and technology you have available, start optimising your digital advertising campaigns, and squeeze as much ROI from them as possible.Here, at ADOHM, our AI system allows this testing to be done in an optimized manner. So, how does ADOHM benefit your testing and optimization?

Efficiency: Data analysis to figure out which combinations of available variables would produce the desired result is a task that could prove to be complex for humans. ADOHM on the other hand considers variables like demographics, status and online activities for a marketer to betterment they.

Time-saving: Saving time is like saving money when it comes to business.As opposed to traditional testing that allows you to carry out only one test per time. ADOHM works on multiple campaigns simultaneously and that too 24/7 with less human intervention. And since it’s powered by AI and doesn’t require much of mediators the work gets done faster and better!

Cost-effectiveness: With our AI system, there is no need for a team of people monitoring this testing. So you cut out on your resource cost. Not just that but also investing on relevant TG that is filtered by the insights that is constant optimization by ADOHM.

Possibility of large application allows you to test many variables you want until you settle on the one that delivers best result.

ADOHM runs diverse test for campaigns to determine if the planned strategy works or not. ADOHM can perform A/B testing which is difficult for humans to perform. The testing done here can instantly give critical information a brand needs to know to take the campaign live or to dissolve it if it doesn't work. ADOHM has the potential to correspond with its programmers and broadcast the information that it has anticipated. The administrator has the full authority to determine which information can be used and which strategies can be implemented based on real time results. It optimizes every campaign variable that can be accounted for by the platform as ADOHM algorithms grows stronger with more historical data.

Multi-channel marketing is the practice of using multiple channels to reach customers. Also known as cross-channel marketing, multi-channel marketing also makes it easy for customers to complete desired conversions on whatever medium they are most comfortable with. Multi-channel marketing lets the user decide, giving them a choice.

Getting to your target audience channel by channel could be time, energy, and money consuming. ADHOM offers you an efficient alternative; our Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, which allows you to have cross channel execution. Benefits of using this include:

Maximization of multiple channels: Currently, there are channels like social media platforms, search engines, emails, and SMS. While some people use some of these, others use all. Here at ADOHM, our AI system helps you reach all of your target customers, irrespective of their location, or the channel they use. This system effectively assigns an appropriate budget to these different channels and maximizes your marketing reach.

Cross-device reach: There are devices like smartphones and computers that people use.

ADOHM ensures you reach your TG on the right devices at the right time with suitable Ad for that device. Upscale your revenue: The cross channel and cross-device reach functionality on ADOHM allows you to reach customers you otherwise might not have reached via human effort or via traditional media advertisement. This new mechanism translates to more revenue for you.

Effective campaign management: Every business has its unique Key Performance Indicator (KPI), and our AI system was designed with this understanding. Because our system is to serve you, you define the KPI goals you want, and it goes ahead to meet them.

Media buying is the practice of purchasing advertisement slots from media companies.ADOHM strategically selects a media mix of platforms and placements over a period of time in order to achieve an advertiser’s campaign goals.

This spots includes blogs, websites, social media platforms among other digital platforms.

As you know digital, as well as traditional media buying, requires human effort, especially during real-time bidding. Real-time bidding is when different advertisers bid to buy advertisement spots on publisher’s websites in the time it takes for someone to refresh or load a page online.

  • Complete transparency: ADOHM finds the media your audience engages with and bids efficiently for that advertisement placements. It works all the time and engages all media platforms to make sure brands save time and money.

  • Exclusion of fraud: To engage your services and access your funds, some media platforms might resort to fraudulent traffic, and before these are recognized to be false, you would have invested lots of money and time. With ADOHM’s AI system, fraudulent traffic sources are quickly identified and prevented. It only invests it’s time on what’s productive for you business.

Time saving: Because AI does all its work without the need for human intervention, the processes are done faster. It does more than human in lesser time.

Find customers using Autonomous Audience Targeting.

With the amount of data coming in at any given time, and the rate and pace with which consumers evolve and change, finding customers and crafting and sending hyper-personalized messages remains one of the biggest hurdles for marketers. ADOHM enables marketers to rapidly find and target both existing and entirely new audiences they may have never thought to target before by testing and combining thousands of variables at a rapid pace like never before. ADOHM considers all aspects of targeting such as geography, demographics, behaviors and interests, as well as other customer data points to do this.

With autonomous targeting, you can:

Obtain real-time customer insights: With the use of AI, you can have an insight into your customer’s status and their online footprint. This helps brands to tailor customer experience.

Instantly launch micro-targeted campaigns:

  • ADOHM enables micro-targeting with a combination of previously collected CRM data and incoming campaign data. The AI platform is able to break the information down into customer segments including current clients, site visitors, lookalikes or entirely new audience. The insights gathered from different channels is segmented into micro-target groups after testing thousands and thousands of variables in no time. All of this is taken care by ADOHM with less human intervention. ADOHM only focuses in areas that drives conversions, increase engagement, identifies new prospects and tap on like-minded audience.

  • Spend less on an ad while scaling quickly: With our AI system, you get to spend less on an advertisement (since real-time bidding is done autonomously and middlemen have been excused) and also gain more revenue.

  • Retarget your ad to fit customer behaviour: Our AI system uses customer behaviour and activity to develop specific ads for each visitor. ADOHM only focuses on enriching your customer experience.