It is important for every local business owner to pay special attention towards Google My Business listing. That’s because it can deliver much-needed support and assistance for the business owners with securing optimum local SEO rankings on the Google search results. In other words, local businesses that focus heavily on Google My Business listing will be able to receive maximum exposure out of the search engine.

While taking care of Google My Business listing, you need to make sure that you are keeping it up to date. That’s where you should think about publishing content on the Google My Business on a regular basis.

ADOHM with Google my business

Most of the business owners are tied up with busy schedules. If you are such a business owner, you will notice that you don’t have enough time to keep the Google My Business listing updated on a regular basis. This is where you can think about scheduling the posts. Then you can create all your posts and then simply schedule them, so that you can upload a new post on a daily basis.

Google My Business doesn’t provide any features for you to schedule posts. We are not too sure on whether Google My Business will introduce this feature with any of their upcoming upgrades as well. Instead of waiting for that feature to pop up, you can think about seeking the assistance of one of the third party tools, which will be able to deliver the support that you need with scheduling your Google My Business listings.

One Up is a perfect example for a third party tool, which is available for the local business owners to schedule their Google My Business posts. It is a popular social media post scheduling tool. This tool is compatible with Google My Business as well. You are provided with the chance to link up to 10 accounts and schedule the posts. All you have to do is to provide your Google My Business login credentials to One Up. This is a reputed and a reliable tool available to consider. Therefore, you can start using it without keeping any doubts in mind.

Sendible is another tool, which you can use to schedule and upload the Google My Business posts. You can think about using it as well. It is a social media post scheduling tool, which is designed specifically for social media marketing agencies. Upon getting Sendible, you can link your Google My Business account and schedule the posts as per your preferences. Then you will be able to see how it will take care of the task of uploading posts through the Google My Business account on a regular basis.