Google my business optimization is something that every business owner should be concerned about. But if you have a multi-location business, you will come across a tricky situation on how to proceed with GMB optimization. That’s the main reason on why we thought of compiling this article, so that we can provide all the information needed by you and help you make an informed decision.

Google My Business

Steps to follow to optimize multi location on Google My Business

  1. You should initially go ahead and use your website domain to create separate pages. These separate pages are for the different locations of your business. Likewise, you need to proceed and make sure that there is a page for every location of your business. 
  2. In each and every page that you create for the business location, you need to make sure that a geo-specific keyword is present. For example, if you are a locksmith company that offers services in New York and Washington DC, you need to have two pages with keywords “locksmith New York” and “locksmith Washington DC” respectively.
  3. Then you need to go ahead and optimize the overall internal linking structure of the website. You need to make sure that you are doing it throughout the entire website. Then you need to include backlinks to the geo-specific pages, when they are mentioned in content. This will assist you to get through page authority.
  4. You need to make sure that the GMB listings are linking back to the respective geo-specific pages that you have created as well. You should not link your GMB listings to the home page of the website. Instead, you must link them to the respective pages.
  5. You should then come up with consistent NAPW (Name, Address, Phone Number and Website). You need to do that with the acquisition of unique links and citations for every single location page that you have. 
  6. You must also create unique social media pages for each location. This will provide you with the opportunity to send out social media signals that are needed.
  7. Then you need to embed Google map location to the GMB listing. You can also add the Facebook icon to the page and link the respective Facebook page. Then you should include the Google review icon, which will showcase specific reviews that are linked with the individual listings.
  8. You can now add unique location schema and rating to each and every page.

If you follow these tips, you can proceed with Google My Business optimization to multi-location business with ease.