As a business owner, you have a clear understanding about the importance of Google Reviews that your business can secure. However, you cannot expect positive reviews to come on your way, even if you are offering a top-notch service to all your customers. That’s because your customers will go ahead and tend to leave false reviews on the listing. This is where you need to have a solid understanding on how to deal with the false reviews that your Google My Business page is receiving.

Here are some of the methods available for you to deal with the false reviews that you are getting on the Google My Business page.

Respond to the review

You should respond to all the false reviews that you get. When you are going through a false review, you will immediately notice that it is false. In other words, you will figure out that you never dealt with such a customer in your business. While keeping that in mind, you will need to respond to the review accordingly.

It is important for you to be professional and polite at the time of responding to the Google My Business as well. That’s because the response you add to the Google My Business review will be seen by everyone else. Therefore, you should make it professional.

Do a research on the reviewer

Upon responding the review, you need to do a background research about the person who left the review. Then you will be able to extract more details. If there is a profile picture, you can use the Google reverse image search. In case if you notice that the profile picture is a stock photo, you are dealing with a fake review.

You should also take a look at the other Google My Business profiles, which have been reviewed by this specific profile. Then you will be able to understand whether the review was left by a competitor of your business or not. You should analyze the overall contributions as well.

Contact Google

Upon finishing your research, you must collect all the facts and get in touch with Google. You should log into the Google My Business and then get in touch with support. Then you should click on the contact button and pick “more help”. You will now be able to see an option called customer reviews. Inside that, you can see an option called manage customer reviews. By clicking that, you can either send an email, request for a chat or initiate a call with all the information you have. Then Google will analyze the review
and remove it.