Segment + Marketing Automation

Reach your customers before your competitors, Fast & Easy.
Act fast via personalized Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Browser Notifications, Remarketing Ads

Turn every
Interaction into a
Vip Experience.

Build Unlimited Real-time Audience

Target the right customer with the
right message at the right time

Use Audiences Across Campaigns

Activate audience across inbuilt
channels or external platforms

Convert visitors
into customers
under one roof.

Unify Online & Offline Sources

Unify your customers’ touch points
across all platforms and channels

Cross Device Identity Resolution

Built-in technology ensures a single profile
for each known and anonymous customer

Automated flows
is your new

Automate Segmented Audience

Personalize automated sequences on
Email, Sms, WhatsApp, Push Notifications, Ads


Set up your customized automated flows
with pre-built flows or drag & drop sequences

1000+ businesses
of all sizes use
ADOHM for growth.

"Digital is not a same playing field
without sofisticated technology which
are fast and easy to implement."

Built for First Party Data
Led Cookie-Less World.

Our Core CDP technology
helps brands harness first party data
without any complexity.

Increase Engagement Relevancy

Market the right products based
on known product affinity data

Develop Long-Term Loyalty

Loyalty insights to move
customers along the path to loyalty

Improve Average Order Value

Targeting audiences most like your
active, loyal, or high-spending customers.

Save your extra
money, with an average ROI
of 34X

ADOHM helps brands earn more revenue by creating
stronger customer relationships at scale by delivering
more personalized, relevant communication.


Unique Monthly Traffic


Monthly ADOHM Cost


Estimated Monthly ROI


Extra growth for your company.

Amazingly fast
Integrations to
tools you love.

Pull in unlimited real-time data from just about anything in your marketing stack. You can integrate as much data as you want, with no limitations or hidden fees.


Increase in (ROAS)
return on ad spends.


Increase in average
order value.


Sales achieved by
a client in two days.


Average increase
in sales.

Get started by watching
ADOHM in action.