Create standardised appealing narratives and build meaningful and lasting user engagements across all channels and increase your ROI.

A personal touch to your campaigns and workflows

Easily visualize, create, and customize your workflows, prospect journeys, and campaigns.

We give you a simplified DIY model to create, customize, target, and analyze your leads and manage your workflow, you can track customer journeys, participate in the conversations they have, understand the campaigns they interact with. A perfect tool to create your own marketing recipes.

Helps you find the right prospects for your business

Bring in the right customer and build long lasting relationships with them across different channels.

ADOHM’s marketing automation software helps you identify the most valuable prospects for your business and enables you to hold their hand throughout the journey across different channels, nurturing their knowledge about your product, and in the process guiding you to take the correct action to close more business.

Put your email campaigns on auto-pilot mode

Effortlessly create automated email campaigns with ADOHM.

Create appealing email campaigns without a single line of code using Drip Marketing, so that you move your prospects and convert them into qualified leads.
Choose your own triggers and conditions to send the right email at the right time and track your campaigns to align them better with your business goal.

WhatsApp Automation

Always keep your business profile up to date with the latest with quick replies, greetings, and automated messages.

Integrate Whatsapp chatbot in the automation cycle and help convert your visitors into customers. Use Whatsapp based workflow triggers to provide the best experience to your customers.
Automatically respond to custom received Whatsapp messages through message automation.

SMS Automation

SMS automation is a feature that allows you to have your messages automatically sent out according to a predefined schedule. Bulk messages can be scheduled for a particular time and date, and it is also possible to gradually send out your messages over a specified period of time. It can be used for outreach campaigns for your customers, send special offers, or send regular reminders texts.

Sales Automation? ADOHM is the way to go

Automate your sales process and kickstart your lead journeyusing Artificial Intelligence.

With ADOHM step up your sales-game, automate manual and tedious tasks to improving and optimize workflow processes, helping you to significantly improve the performance and productivity of your sales teams.