Autonomous Media Buying

Media buying is the practice of purchasing advertisement slots from media companies. With the rise in digital technology, people now purchase advertisement slots on blogs, native advertising sites, and social media platforms, including other digital platforms. This digital, as well as traditional media buying, requires human effort, especially during real-time bidding. Real-time bidding is when different advertisers bid to buy advertisement spots on publisher sites in the time it takes for someone to refresh or load a page online.

It uses the medium of advanced machine learning platforms along with artificial intelligence to place the ads on prime places.

To eliminate this rather slow human input and offer a range of other benefits, we here at ADOHM offer users autonomous media buying. This autonomous media buying involves our Artificial Intelligence system performing your media buying for you. The benefits of using this include:

With Autonomous Targeting, you can:

Complete Transparency

As opposed to traditional media when middlemen are involved, ADOHM’s AI marketing system is not profit oriented. Instead, it finds the media your audience engages with and bids efficiently for advertisement placements. It works all the time and engages your customer on all platforms. This is how ADOHM helps you meet your ROI, if not exceeded.

Exclusion Of Fraud

To engage your services and access your funds, some media platforms might resort to fraudulent traffic, and before these are recognized to be false, you would have invested lots of money and time. With ADOHM’s AI system, fraudulent traffic sources are quickly identified and prevented.

Time Saving

Because AI does all its work without the need for human intervention, the processes are done faster in lesser time.