Autonomous Targeting

ADOHM offers an amazing feature - Autonomous Targeting; using AI-powered insights to reach the appropriate client profile. With autonomous targeting, you can adequately learn customer behavior at a speedy pace. Even more, we will put you through how you can use this technology in unearthing a gold mine of prospective clients in no time.

Targeting quality audience the right way

Out there on the market, there are a lot of high-value prospects that are looking to utilize your products and services. With autonomous targeting, you can easily explore that untapped market and easily reach high-value customers that need your product and service offerings.

With Autonomous Targeting, you can:

Obtain Real-Time Customer Insights

With the use of artificial intelligence, you can have an insight into your customer’s status, their online footprint and use this information to tailor specific site experiences for them.

Spend Less On An Ad While Scaling Quickly

With our AI system, you get to spend less on an advertisement (since real-time bidding is done autonomously and middlemen have been excused) and also gain more revenue.

Instantly Launch Micro-Targeted Campaigns

ADOHM’s AI enables you to engage with consumers as per the insights it gathers from their online activities. With this data you can identify the interest points and target them with you product offerings. Not just that it also help in look-alike targeting.

Retarget Your Ad To Fit Customer Behavior

Our AI system uses customer behavior and activity to develop specific ads for each visitor.