Display, Search, Native Ads

As AI and machine learning start to sweep across the digital landscape, advertisers are rushing to both incorporate the technologies into banner ad campaigns and understand their capabilities.

ADOHM using Artificial Intelligence to build smarter Banner ads, Search ads & Native ads is still unfolding. The most exciting opportunities lie in the ability of AI to help brands connect with consumers based on their current, real-time online behavior.

Through ADOHM these ads can be a main component in a marketer’s paid advertising campaigns. Developing click-worthy images help directs a viewer to a landing page with relevant content about the brand or company.

These ads not only can increase brand awareness, but they can engage or re-engage visitors.

Native advertising is the utilization of paid advertisements that match the look, feel and capacity of the media design in which they show up. Native ads are frequently found in social media feeds, or as suggested content on a page. Unlike Display ads or Banner ads, Native ads don't really look like ads. They look like part of the editorial flow of the page.