Reporting & Analytics

Reporting is technically the process of organizing compiled data into summaries that would give information necessary to monitor how different aspects of a business or website are faring. On the other hand, analytics is the process of studying reports in a bid to extract meaningful insight and information which can be used to improve business performance. These are two concepts whose processes can be improved by our Artificial Intelligence (AI) system. At ADOHM, our platform for reporting and analytics gives you.

Complete Automation

Nothing beats the speed and efficiency of a fully automated process. Not only does our system perform automated reporting and analytics, but it also does this at a fast rate and gives the result in an easy to read and easy to interpret format.

Cost Effectiveness

Since the reporting and analytics process is fully automated, you need not spend money on having a team of people do this for you.

Wide Range Of Compatibility

Here at ADOHM, our AI system works on any website. So, you don’t have to bother about compatibility and/or the possibility of appropriate reporting and analytics.

Get Feedback

Our AI system helps you determine which marketing strategy is working and which is not. This helps you make an informed decision on budget allocation.

Data Driven Recommendations

Aside from feedback on what is working and what is not, our system’s AI uses the end result of the reporting and analytics to give you suggestions and tips on how to improve your Return on Investment (ROI).