For marketers, each year gets more competitive than the last. The tips and tricks to get better often change. But there are a few aspects in marketing that are here to stay and offer the best results. As the year 2021 gets more competitive for marketers, there are a few factors that drive good marketing with minimal effort and time.

So, if you’re a business looking to upscale through your marketing, this space is for you. In this blog, we have mentioned the best strategies you could adopt to not just survive, but thrive in this time of uncertainty and beyond.

Let’s understand what they can do in a more advanced marketing scenario like today’s.

1) Customer Data Platform: Employing a CDP brings together a complete understanding of customer behaviour. Studies have shown that companies that deployed marketing strategies with this platform have seen 60% increase in data efficiency along with 50% increase in marketing success.

2) 360o Customer View: This method tracks a customer’s digital footprints in a single view dashboard to give businesses a multi-level insight into what their customers are thinking. If correctly leveraged, a 360o Customer View can generate 32% higher revenue, retain 36% more customers and secure 38% higher marketing wins. Several companies are opting for deploying this to give customers an enhanced customer experience.  

3) Marketing Automation: Through Marketing Automation, businesses can automate repetitive tasks and engage with customers across various channels to drive successful and time-saving marketing strategies. Automation saves up a lot of resources, time and cost. Implementing Marketing Automation has proven to increase qualified leads by a whopping 451%.

4) Content Strategy: Having a content strategy ensures achieving every critical marketing objective through targeted content. With the use of Content Strategy, brand loyalty has been recorded to a large extent. A customer would come back to your brand due to the experience you’re giving because of having a planned strategy in place.

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