Every business owner is curious to build a presence online, and to do this; they spend lots of time and money as well. Many growing marketing professionals prefer to work on ad campaigns, and due to lack of adequate strategy, they end up wasting a huge amount.

There is no doubt to say that running ad campaigns is extremely important to build a business reputation online. But there are so many factors that demand your attention. Most of the marketing experts recommend using Google PPC because it allows easy analysis of results so that teams can make positive changes. However, the problem with many of them is that they don’t have a clear idea about how to use this strategy. Many times, they just end up wasting the entire ad budget and fail to receive any returns.

If you feel that your ad campaigns are also not driving desired traffic to your platform,the chances are that you have not optimized them well. Here we have listed three ways you could be unknowingly wasting your ad budget:

reasons ad budget is wasted

Forgetting the goal of conversions:

PPC Ads are believed to be the most effective solution to drive traffic to your business platform. But if you are just tracking the number of visitors without analyzing how that may be affecting your bottom line, you may miss achieving the conversion goal. As you are spending a huge amount on your paid ads, if they are not converting, you may end up wasting your ad budget.

Google Analytics can help you use an automated conversion tracking system, and all those goals can be instantly pulled to your personal Google Ads account. Soon you will be able to understand how many visitors initiating purchase on your website. Visitors that convert to potential buyers are the real asset for your business.

Not understanding match types for your ads:

In case if your PPC account doesn’t include symbols like +, [ and “; the chances are that you are just wasting money by running such ads. The fact is that these symbols represent match types that can further help to target specific keywords for your business. In this list, “ ” represent phrase match keywords, + symbol highlights broad match modifier keywords and [ ] donate exact match keywords.

Broader match types can ensure a solid impression of your ads on Google search engines. Experts advise being more careful and strategic about using keyword match types to prevent wastage of ad budget.

No being aware of options and metrics:

Are you aware of the difference between a regular conversion and converted click? If you are using Google ads extensions, the chances are that you also have some negative keywords listed in the shared library. If you are unaware of these terms and are trying to launch your ad campaigns without followingan adequate strategy,the chances are that you are wasting the budget.

You will be happy to hear that Google offers plenty of metrics and tools to help you measure your ROI from ad campaigns. The new-age marketers can take help from ADOHM tools, Google forums, and help sites to get answers for their queries. The experts over there can guide you better to use metrics and options more creatively to achieve desired goals.

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