Sales and marketing are changing are evolving together, and your ADOHM CRM helps reflect this evolution.

When businesses sign up for ADOHM CRM, they write to let us know how happy they are to have found an all-in-one solution that unified sales enablement, marketing automation, omnichannel engagement and outreach.

Top 5 Reasons to Combine Sales and Marketing Automation

five reasons to combine

Your Sales & Marketing Will No Longer Be Misaligned

Integrating sales automation withmarketing automationpractices the three main pillars of perfectly aligned teams.

  • Shared goals and definitions: From full-cycle lead scoring to shared KPIs, everyone at your business will now be able to work with the same data, toward a single goal.
  • Constant messaging: Easily push consistent messages across channels and campaigns. Give prospects and customers a more open, more logical view of your business.
  • Accountability: Unified sales and marketing automation leads to responsible teams, liable sales and marketing processes, and responsible data.

No More Data Leaks

Modern businesses know that they need to retain prospects 24/7, but how can you do this without raising data leaks and settling up with broken sales process?

  • Dramatically more conversions: 55% of businesses have failed to connect their database with automation, and because of this, 79% of marketing leads have never converted into sales.
  • Automation as a two-sided coin: ADOHM helps reflect the point of view of your business in terms of campaigns and milestones, but it is also built throughout your customers – what they do, where they hang out and what they’re looking for, from the minute they first browse your site, through every sales conference and a closed agreement.

Smarter Prospecting & Better Nurturing

If you’re using a marketing cloud for nurturing, that’s 100% excellent, but it’s also only 50% of the puzzle. The other 50% is all about your sales process not just sales tactics, relationship structure or analytics, but the entire sales cycle.

  • Dynamic lead scoring: Automate the lead scoring rule based on user performance and get email statements about the hottest leads.
  • Responsive campaigns: Drip marketing is necessary because it’s responsive.
  • Hyper-segmentation: Tag leads automatically or manually, then see how they react to automated campaigns in their appropriate segment.
  • Measurable ROI: Consolidation states that you get actionable insights into every aspect of the sales and marketing process.

Complete View of Customers

Even if your cycle upgrades (more deals, bigger deals), it can’t stimulate without consolidated sales and marketing automation. The solution is to utilise products that allow sales and marketing eternally to have an authentic, real-time view of customers, whether new web visitors, current customers/prospects or hot leads. The new equation is pretty simple:


Actionable Data & Real-time Alerts

Consolidating sales and marketing automation lets you give your sales team insights to close more sales, and makes their work easier by allowing smarter business at every single station along the customer journey.

  • Lead scoring that works: No more lost forms, inconsistent data sets or individual qualifications. Consolidated lead scoring keeps you in-the-know.
  • Real-time alerts and notifications: Interlace your contacts at the perfect time in the sales cycle with alerts and announcements.

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