Display ads play a huge role when it comes to winning new customers. These are no more just regular banner ads, but they are now also pushed into search engines and social networks.

Digital Display ads are highly effective when leveraged in a way that meets specific goals. The Internet Display ads need to be as direct as possible in terms of their messaging due to the short attention span the internet audience holds.


  • 93% of marketers extensively use Facebook display Advertising to hit KPIs. 
  • Website visitors who are retargeted with ads are 70 percent more likely to convert on your website.
  • Display ads have the power to aid companies reach 90% of the global internet right where their target audience browses.
display ads in your marketing

The benefits of Online display advertising areplenty. Here’s how and why Google & Facebook display ads work in your favour.


It is only 2% of web visitors that make an instant online purchase, the rest 98% are often brought back via retargeting. Retargeting is one of the most ideal practices in marketing strategy to bring back clients who may have diverted from your service due to multiple reasons. This method allows you to display adverts to those who may have shown some interest in any of your products/services.

Contextual Targeting

There are multiple ways you can engage your potential customers in your services and Contextual Targeting is one of them. Using this form of targetingnarrows down your audience list to only those are possibly seeking your services based on their previous searches. You can specify the ‘search type’for your ads and optimize them in a manner and make them appear in relevant spaces. Contextual ad targeting can bring huge sales as this model understands the importance of ad optimization. 

Demographic Targeting

Similar to contextual targeting, you can also target your ads based on a specific audience type. Depending on one’s interests, geographic location and demographics, you can channel your ads wisely to your potential audiences and win more clicks that lead to conversions. Use platforms that effectively allow you to do this through an easy-to-use interface.

Brand Awareness & Increased Traffic

Display ads are a great way to increase your brand’s awareness. If channelled right, it often leads to increased traffic as your brand gets more visibility through ads. Thousands of potential customers who are seeking unique solutions like yours get to notice your brand and display ads are your best bet for this.

Visual Appeal

Display ads have an unparalleled appeal in them when compared with the other regular forms of text advertising. As much as display ads may seem overwhelming to a consumer, there’s no denying that they actually work and create brand awareness. Creativity and wit play a major role in getting those clicks to your web pages. Most often people want to click on an ad only because it contains high level of intelligence in terms of content or design.

Display ads can bring you high ROI, be it via Facebook display ads, Google, or any other social platform. Sign Up with ADOHM to run & optimize display ad campaigns effectively.