Facebook has become a very popular social media platform for companies to put out their advertisements. It is definitely a great way to reach customers but the problem that arises is the cost of these ads. SMB’s and companies that have a smaller budget for their marketing, need to find a cost-effective way to put out their advertisements on Facebook. Facebook determines the cost of an ad on the basis of factors like ad placements, bidding strategy, and creatives etc. We will see how to reduce the cost of Facebook ads but first let us have a look at some data that tells us why a business needs Facebook ads.

  • The number of ad impressions increased by 33% in 2020.
  • An average Facebook user will click on 11 ads per month.
  • About 74% of Facebook users visit the platform each day.
  • 6 million+ businesses are using Facebook ads to reach their target audiences and find it very effective.

Ways to Reduce Facebook Ad Cost

  • Targeted audience– Pick your audience wisely. Select your audience on the basis of their buying history, interests, age, geographical area. This will ensure that you are creating ads specifically for them and your advertising competitors will be lesser which will reduce your ad costs and increase clicks on the ads while generating more traction.
  • Remarketing of ads– Remarketing ads means showing ads to those people who have already engaged with your brand before. This will help in reducing ad costs as you are already aware that they will be interested in viewing your ad.
  • The right placement– Ads can run on different platforms on Facebook. Look at the reports and find out on which platform your ads are generating more traction and clicks, that way you can eliminate the other platforms that are not doing well and save on the ad cost.
  • Content that resonates– Keep track which ads work and which do not. This helps in putting out ads that are liked by the customers and saving costs on the ones that aren’t effective.
  • Use videos– Videos not only help in engaging your customer by telling a story of your brand but also help slower the ad cost. Facebook even has inbuilt tools where you can make videos.

ADOHM helps you reduce ad costs

ADOHM’s AI platform helps you run ads on multiple social media platforms like Facebook. It enables you to track your customer behaviour and history, which will help you create ads specifically for your audience. Through this platform, you can remarket ads and also schedule them with a very effort from you.

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