Creating email marketing campaigns can be quite a process, especially if you’re running a small or medium-sized business. To entice your online audience, it is necessary that timely emails reach them containing the right information about your business, offer deals and other exciting announcements.

However, to keep them engaged in your messaging, you will need much more than just a regular email. Your emails should include information that people look forward to reading. It could be a simple life hack to even the latest trend in your marketspace. There’s a high level of understanding needed when emails are compiled in order to catch one’s attention within a short span.

Sending repetitive content in professional emails makes your brandseem predictive. This blog explains the few ways through which you can run email marketing campaigns and understand the basic yet the most engaging formats.

  • Creating Curiosity brings higher open rates – About 927% increase in clicks on a pricing page to be precise!
  • 38% of survey responders follow your brand through relevant emails that can up their business and lives
  • Tip: Including your recipient’s name in the subject line increases the mail opening rate by 18.30%

Welcome Emails: A warm welcome can always create the best impression. When your customer is new to your service or product, it is necessary that they know what this association will be all about. Keep the ‘curiosity factor’ going in your emails, however, be very precise and informative about your brand.

Introduce Your Brand– An engagement email at an early stage helps the readersperceive your brand as the one that takes interest in learning its audience.

While you are understanding your customer at this point, it is best if you do a quick, fun questionnaire. Nearly 77% of marketeers believe that real-time personalization is highly essential, and this percentage is constantly rising. This will be helpful in your long-term association with your client by providing them services based on their specific interest.

Tips & Tricks–Get your consumer to learn simple hacks by providing tips on how your service could change their life. This can be as trivial as it can really be! Know that even if your potential audience isn’t looking to buy anything at the moment, these emails create a lasting impact. Experimenting with these types of email marketing strategies can really pay-off and bring you positive results.

What’s the best you got?– Put your best foot forward with the most attractive services & offers you got. Nothing lures your customer better than a good deal. You can send these in a series of well-packaged, actionable emails that make your audience want to try your brand.

Customer stories–Get talking with your readers through some of the best customer stories you’ve got. These can be a few lines on what your existing customers think of your brand, a product review, or even their customer experience with you. According to recent studies, there even has been a 35% increase in engagement due to emails with customer stories.

Re-engagement emails–Crossing their path again makes your brand appear to be people-friendly, also making readers curious about your big plan now! Re-engagement emails are highly crucial if you want to build that lost rapport once again. The typical ‘We’ve missed you!’ kind of emails may seem cheesy, but they create a soft corner for your brand among audiences.A study shows that 12% of web users receiving re-engagement emails actually read them and action on them.

Email Marketing

Time-sensitive promotional deals–Such emails typically contain a time-sensitive offer for end customer. Ensure the subject line is loud and clear about the ‘time’factor which creates urgency in the mind of a reader to view the email content.

Sending automated mails to your email list is the easiest way to run email campaigns. To simplify this process, ADOHM’s Marketing Suite can do wonders and save you a lot of time to create and curate, instead of sending individual emails every week. Get noticed more easily with your customers with ADOHM’s email marketing services.

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