To accomplish this vision of “healthcare in a digital world”, marketing and information technology cannot continue to operate in isolation. The healthcare technology evolution cannot be limited to the EMRs and EHRs of the world or the advancement of technology equipment within the hospitals, OTs, or clinical data management. It has to include 99% of the consumer’s life when she is not being treated inside a hospital.

Healthcare Marketers can utilise ADOHM

1. Omnichannel marketing

Omni-Channel Marketing is now a core strategy that brands use to engage with customers across multiple channels. ADOHM helps track all the platforms, devices, and channels that customers use to interact with your brand. It lets you take that journey yourself to experience what they do as they engage with you across these channels.

2. Ad Optimisation

theoptimisation involves testing which advertisement is more effective at making web visitors click on the link to your site and making email or SMS subscribers continuing to your site whether for perusal, enquiry and transaction purposes. Here, at ADOHM, our AI system allows this testing to be done in an optimised manner.

3. Chatbot

ADOHM’s Chatbot helps personalise the interactions between your lead and help get insights and usable information from your leads.

All it takes for the Admin is to create entities, responses and expressions.

Adohm allows you to extract relevant pieces of information or entities from what your users might say to your app.

4. Lead Tracking and management

Lead management refers to methodologies and practices that bridge the gap that exists between marketing and sales. Known as a customer acquisition process, it is designed to identify potential buyers of services or products, also known as leads, educate them about these products and services, and engage with them. Formerly done on a door to door and person to person basis, this customer acquisition is now made digitally, and with the power of AI provided by ADOHM, this process goes on smoother and faster.

5. Marketing Automation

From automating manual and tedious tasks to improving workflow processes, this feature, sales automation can be used to enhance the performance and productivity of your sales teams significantly.

Marketing Automation is when a brand uses technology to automate processes via machine learning. For example, converting leads into the next stage in the CRM based on triggers that occur to kick start your lead journey.

6. analytics and insights

ADOHM’s dashboard gives you detailed analytics of all your marketing and sales activities in one single dashboard with minutest of details about the lead journey of a consumer, the profile enrichment details, the keywords that led to the conversion, email marketing statistics and a lot more.

7. Sales CRM

ADOHM’s Sales CRM provides you with a mechanism of full transparency. With ADOHM’s personalised and scalable sales suite, you can easily understand your customers, achieve your sales goals and close your deals faster. The sales CRM provides great features like Contact Management, Intelligent Workflows and Advanced Reporting.

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