Since marketing campaigns efficiency is the top priority for many. This blog covers the new age technique of planning, tracking & optimization of your digital campaigns.

Omnichannel planning & It’s Importance

Before we start lets first understand the current consumer behavior online which brands usually target using online advertising.

Below is one such example where decisions are influenced by not just friends and family but also by constantly switching between different platforms, reading reviews and searching for detailed product information.

Consumers are practically experts not just savvy

Hence, omnichannel planning is important for today’s online consumers. So, it’s equally important to advertise on google search, google display, Instagram & Facebook, send product newsletter or manage your reviews on google.

Understanding Digital Attribution

Now you may say that all your enquires or conversions are generated by facebook but not by google search ads. Plus it’s expensive to advertise on google and you don’t get volume enquires then why you should advertise on google?

Most business track conversions or leads through first or last click model which only helps the business identify the final source of conversion or lead but not the whole journey of your customer.

Below is example where if you know the contribution of each platform towards actual purchase then you have clear business intelligence which results in effective budget distribution towards your digital campaigns.

Each platform leads towards purchase.

Now you know not only the final source of purchase but also every contributing factor towards that purchase.

How? – By tracking customer journey. It is also one of the top selling points in ADOHM.

How to track customer Journey?

It is as easy as going to mars. But put some coders in the same room with some data scientists for few years you will get the desired result. That’s what we did at ADOHM.

Below is example of what we achieved by tracking the customer journey.

Brand Loyalty is the past not now

How to measure ROI for platforms with indirect results?

It is humanly not possible to track the ROI for a platform which is contributing to purchase but not resulting in direct purchase. The data is huge and very dynamic. You can fill one football field with printout about data signals from different digital touch points of just on customer. Imagine the rest!


Now thanks to AI ( Artificial intelligence ) to the rescue. At ADOHM, We built the most advanced AI in our data science lab and incorporated it in our most advanced marketing cloud. ADOHM buys the digital media for you in real time wherever your targeted audience is present and tracks the contribution of each platform towards conversion and automatically
distributes the budget among platforms based on contribution and optimizes the campaigns based on conversions using a connected sales cloud. Phew!!!

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