It is now possible for people to access their accounts anywhere at any time; social media apps have made sure of that. A lot of people are always with their cell phones and will usually browse through social media whenever they have the slightest opportunity. These social media platforms are getting a lot of attention, so why not seize the opportunity and take advantage?

Why Use Social Media?

Social media is getting more popular as the years go by. There are so many social media platforms available. In fact, any user with an internet connection can easily find one that he or she prefers. The attention and engagement on these apps are huge all the time. So, if you’re yet to put your business on any of the platforms, you’re missing out on a lot.

Also, you should put the social aspect into consideration. If you post content that is good, viewers may choose to share it with people who follow them. In turn, those users may then repost or share it to their own accounts, and it goes on and on.

What Are You Paying For?

For the different social media platforms, there are different payment models. However, the basic idea is that you pay every time a user engages with your ad in some kind of way. Listed below, are several ways to explain that interaction.

•    Clicks

•    Views

•    Impressions

•    Likes

•    Conversions

An impression refers to the number of times your ad shows up on a user’s dashboard. There is no guarantee that the person will click on your ad, read your content or purchase anything. Since there is usually no interaction from users, this option comes very cheaply. Some social media platforms charge a set amount for every 1000 impressions. If you just need exposure for your brand and you want to get your name out there, this option is for you.

Amongst all of them, Pay-per-click ads are the most popular because active the engagements have the potential to turn into a newsletter sign up, a sale or a share. The average price is around $1 per click, but the rates are different for each platform.

In order to choose the best payment model for yourself, you need to make a decision on what the goal of your ad will be. After choosing a platform, check their options and then proceed.

Where Should You Post?

If you’re looking for a platform which you’re going to advertise on, there are so many options for you. The most popular ones include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. However, they are not the only ones you can choose. Depending on your needs, there are other social media platforms that you may prefer:

•    Pinterest

•    Instagram

•    LinkedIn

•    Reddit

•    Snapchat

You should also try not to limit your business to a particular platform. Social media advertising is so cool that you can actually track the success of each ad you run and decide if it’s working or not. If more of the ad clicks are coming from YouTube or you’re making lots of sales on Facebook, focus on these platforms.

Obviously, there are advertising pros and cons for each app but your goals will determine how you go about it. Employing the services of a social media expert can you discover the right platform where you’ll get the most out of your money?

Is Paid Social Media Advertising Worth It?

If you do it right, paid social media can turn your business into a success overnight. It is one of the fastest ways to put your brand out there and create massive awareness which will eventually convert to sales. It’s not too expensive for the reward it brings.

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