Artificially intelligent systems continually take a shot at the foundation of mainstream items and administrations, for example, Netflix, Amazon, and, normally, Google. In the previous scarcely any years, however, AI has cleared its route further into promoting, helping brands to improve each progression of the client venture. Also, apparatuses already accessible to big business level organizations have gotten reasonable and open to medium-and little measured organizations.

great results by right time strategy

The Challenge

India’s healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing sectors and it is expected to reach $280 billion by 2020. The country has also become one of the leading destinations for high-end diagnostic services with tremendous capital investment for advanced diagnostic facilities, thus catering to a greater proportion of population. 

The perception of people outside

The major issue faced by Indian healthcare is the lack of awareness amongst people about the different options at their disposal for treatment of different diseases. APCC has put in efforts to bring in the first Proton therapy centre in South East Asia but the challenge was to make people aware that a therapy like this exists and to create trust in the minds of people about the brand. The Major challenge that APCC was faced with is the lack of awareness about the treatment, specialities offered and the best panel of doctors to help patients suffering from cancer. People were not aware about Proton Therapy being available in their own country and would shell out large amount of money to go get treated from Mayo Clinic and MD Anderson Cancer Centre. The objective was to generate brand awareness and brand recognition in the minds of the people about the brand in general and about proton therapy specifically focusing on the different types of specialities of cancer that it can treat. APCC is trying to bring in better treatment value and affordability for its patients.

The Strategy

Technology has changed the landscape for the world, tools like Artificial intelligence and machine learning are already transforming it further. The strategy was to use ADOHM which is powered by AI and make people aware about APCC and Proton Cancer Therapy. ADOHM as a platform helped APCC in running campaigns that focused on creating brand awareness and brand affinity and get them more no. of leads. The idea is to show the right ad at the right time to the right audience.

The approach was to first start campaigns focused on creating awareness about the brand through an omni channel approach wherein ads were shown on multiple platforms using predictive bidding

The next step was to showcase ads that were focused on getting more leads for APCC in order to achieve the objective of conversion.

The leads that had not reached the conversion stage and were lost were then retargeted to try Cancer Second Opinion wherein people could collect referral opinions from the doctors and understand the best treatment plan suited to their needs. This was done by showing them different communications through dynamic creatives and continuously showing them remarketing ads.

The Execution

  • The idea was to show people the complete journey of how the treatment will be right from diagnosis to post-treatment care of the individual.
  • Awareness – the first step was to run search ads in order to spread awareness amongst people about Apollo Proton Cancer Centre and Proton Cancer Therapy. ADOHM the marketing and sales platform was used to run search ads focusing on how proton treatment can help people diagnosed with cancer and offer them a complete comprehensive care.
  • Omni channel Experience – ADOHM as a platform lets any individual or company run ads on multiple platforms at once, it lets individuals create campaigns in just 12-15 steps and helps it run ads on multiple channels at one go and ADOHM’s AI algorithms help understand where is the most traffic or traction coming from which platform, device and also at which time which helps in optimizing the ads to better target people looking for cancer treatment.
  • Targeting and Demographics – ADOHM also has the capability to understand the kind of audience that is surfing or coming through the ads that are being run and the data collected in the CRM helps further optimize the ad campaigns by providing insights like which platform is working the best, the age group that is giving more tractions, which ads are performing. Hence, people looking for specific type of cancer treatments were identified and targeted.
  • Digital Persona and Dynamic Creatives – ADOHM helped APCC in identifying customers surfing their website and creating digital persona’s for those customers and retargeting them by showing dynamic creative according to the keywords that they searched or were interested in.
  • Marketing Automation – Automation was implemented through ADOHM where in repeat communications were sent to people in order to keep brand recall in the minds of customers.

The idea was not to just get individuals to come and get treated for their cancer but also allow them to have a second opinion about their treatment plan and diagnosis in order to provide them better guidance.

The Result

  • Using dynamic creatives large no. of audiences were reached.
  • The most traction was seen from adwords and facebook in the period of 2 months that the campaigns were running.
  • APCC was able to get an ROAS of 4000% considering the cost of the treatment is high.
  • We saw an increase in the no. of queries coming in for the Proton Therapy by 60%.
  • Remarketing campaigns helped boost confidence about the brand and increased the engagements.

Thus, educating with the right strategy at the right time & right place helped increase awareness.