ADOHM’s Email Marketing solution allows seamless messaging and campaigning that can reach your audience through a simplified process

Email marketing is one of the finest ways to build a good relation with your customers. Unlike other marketing channels, emails creating a strong bond between brands and its users. In fact, companies that use email marketing as one of the key approaches, benefit far more in terms of their ROI than those who do not.

  • Two thirds of all customers have already been encouraged to buy via a marketing email.
  • For most businesses, nearly 80% of sales must first be accompanied through email and provided with relevant and interesting content until consumers are ready to buy.
  • It is known that 81% of SMBs still depend on email as their prime customer acquisition channel, and 80% of them depend on it for retention.

While ensuring that there some is some level of personalization in your messaging, it is necessary to categorize your audience while running your campaigns. With ADOHM’s Email Marketing solution, you can seamlessly create campaigns that can reach the right prospects through a simplified process.Here’s a journey through our Email Marketing solution that can streamline your campaigns each time.

Simplified Interface for Email Marketing

The ADOHM Marketing Suite provides a user-friendly space to easily run campaigns within no time. The Dashboard contains all aspects of campaigns under the ‘Marketing’ tab. Instead of displaying too many choices for the marketeer and making things complex for them, the ADOHM tab has a set number of data and email lists that require minimal effort. Emails are one of the top lead generation methods of marketing.

Leveraging ADOHM’s Marketing Suite can lead to:

  • Higher Productivity
  • Less Marketing Efforts
  • Easy understanding of data
  • Sorted Target Customer Lists to choose from

Create Segmented Customer Lists

Email Campaigns need to have a selective audience especially when they are about specific services/producttailor made for them. Personalization of communication is the key to connect with prospective clients. When messaging is personalized, it is ideal that this communication reaches only the target set of receivers and not everyone else. ADOHM allows one to do that through simply segmenting lists via automated methods. Understand consumer buying behavior through data filtration helps in ease of personalized messaging in the form of not only emails, but also push notifications like SMS, app notifications etc.

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