We live in a time where technology is being constantly developed to make work easier for us. Automation has made tedious processes like marketing and sales much simpler. Sales automation will automate manual and time-consuming tasks, allowing your sales team to focus more on generating leads and selling and less on administration. Automating your sales process will increase your sales and productivity.

Let us look at some data to help us understand why sales automation is a great idea!

  • Automation is proven to boost sales productivity by about 14.5%
  • By using automation, one-click upsells when selling products online, the average order size may increase by more than about 360%
  • Sales Automation can lead to a 30% increase in deal closures, an 18% reduction in the sales cycle, and a 14% reduction in sales administration time
  • 61% of marketers believe that the main aim of automation is lead generation

What are the Benefits of Sales Automation?

  • Chatbots –Chatbots will allow you to provide your customers with a personalized experience without much intervention from you. Chatbots are designed to listen to issues customers might have and fix their problems, giving them a smooth sales experience. They can also streamline the entire sales process.
  • The sales funnel –The sales funnel is the entire process of sales, from creating demand till closing the sale. Automation will match a company’s customer profile and create a list of those customers who are ready to purchase. It will help the sales team in easy lead management and convert potential customers into loyal and long-lasting customers.
  • Stored customer details – Sales automation will save all your customer’s details and these details can be retrieved as and when required. This will help the sales team keep their customers happy and nurturing leads will be more effective.
  • Organization – Since the sales team has access to data about their customers, this can help them measure their success. They can make quick decisions based on the results they see. Sales teams can not only organize their data but they can also manage activities effectively

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ADOHM’s Sales Suite provides you with a mechanism of full transparency and efficiency. With ADOHM’s personalised and scalable sales suite, you can easily understand your customers, achieve your sales goals and close your deals faster. The sales CRM provides great features like Contact Management, Intelligent Workflows and Advanced Reporting which will make your work much easier.

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