Growth in business is what keeps it going. The vision to democratize sales and marketing teams while creating a consistent experience for their customers across geographies needed a superpower.

Data is the new oil and connected systems was a need of the hour—A ecosystem to identify, acquire, engage, retarget and automate across the 360-degree customer lifecycle, channels and devices over a single unified cloud-based SaaS platform.

This would lead to being later known as a growth marketing platform – ADOHM.

You must be wondering what ADOHM means and how did the company get its name. ADOHM is a combination of two words – Ad for Advertising + Ohm (The Law? Yes!).

‘ADOHM – The Growth Marketing Platform’was established in the year 2017 keeping in mind the needs of businesses to upscale and expand their reach online.

To gain brand visibility is a huge challenge for businesses who are new to social media and the digital world. It can be the same scenario for companies that have an online presence but are not able to take their brand any further.

There are billions of data points & intelligent insights around your customers, but is it humanly possible to read and take action on it?

With your current customers being practical experts, they not only compare different price options, reviews, availability, preferred delivery times in minutes on their mobile devices.

ADOHM is an intelligent system which keeps all this in mind while creating a unique customer journey for all your customer data points and taking automated actions.

With top-notch tech in an AI-integrated platform, ADOHM users are today able to minimalize tedious marketing & sales processes by automating it all.

Brand visibility is everything in digital marketing. With the right content being marketed at the right time, ADOHM only makes it easier for companies to focus on other aspects of success as marketing and sales processes now need minimal human intervention. Growth marketing is the way forward and ADOHM being ahead of time with its technology is a leader in this space. Saving time, effort and cost on resources have made ADOHM a highly desirable solution for digital transformation.