Marketing automation is online software which helps to automatically execute your marketing tasks, like sending emails, growing your database, and collecting data to help drive your strategy. Although it’s commonly known for making the lives of digital marketers easier, it also enables you to scale your business.

Marketing Automation software that is required should be based on the goals of your digital activities and the software should complement the work.

6 Factors to Examine When Choosing the Right Marketing Automation System

Choosing the Right Marketing

1. User Interface

Considering how overwhelming or straightforward the platform’s user interface is outlined. Many, if not all, platforms will claim they have a natural and easy-to-use platform, but this isn’t always the case.

To determine if the platform’s user interface will be easy to learn, ask for a demo of the platform.

2. Features & Native Integrations

Any marketing automation platform that you come across will offer different features, to make sure the right platform is being chosen according to the capabilities that the business requires. Also, consider the present technology you already have.

3. Customer Support

When jumping on a new system, you’ll want to receive the best help possible. It is essential to understand that technology isn’t perfect and extra help might be required to resolve any issues.

When purchasing a new marketing automation platform, some technical support is usually provided; however, the type of support available can differ.

4. Set-up & Onboarding

Once the new marketing automation platform has been purchased, there’s no doubt you’ll need some assistance getting up and running. However, the support offered varies between platforms.

When researching about a platform’s set-up and onboarding process, ask yourself:

  • Is there a set-up and onboarding cost, and how much is it?
  • Does the process happen remotely, or will someone be physically there to guide you?
  • Are you migrating from one system to another?
  • istheir already any plugins which are required?

5. Userbase & Reviews

Although choosing the right platform for your business depends on the brands personal needs and goals, it is important to understand how other companies or users of the tool are making the best use of it.

Look for case studies or video testimonials which have existing customers speaking about their involvement with the tool.

6. Learning Resources

When purchasing a new marketing automation tool, having online help documents available can help you make the best use of the new system.

For instance, ADOHM as an automation platform helps provide a lot of content and support to help onboard through our blogs, product tours and demos and help documents in case of remote usage.

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