An omnichannel organisation has to go beyond single-channel, multi-channel and cross-channel models to deliver and organise offers across all customer touchpoints and channels seamlessly. This means that if I were to accept an offer on my online banking mobile app, then the ATM I visit moments later will react accordingly. Or when someone walks into a branch to apply for a mortgage, the institution knows all of the previous actions they’ve taken to get that far. For most financial institutions, they may claim “omnichannel,” but the reality is that they aren’t there yet.

The Ad optimisation that ADOHM offers involves testing which advertisement is more effective at making web visitors click on the link to your site and making email or SMS subscribers continuing to your site whether for perusal, enquiry and transaction purposes. Here, at ADOHM, our AI system allows this testing to be done in an optimised manner. So, how does our AI benefit your measurement and optimisation?

How does ADOHM help in Ad Optimisation list


ADOHM’s Data analysis helps to figure out which combinations of available variables would produce the desired result is a task that could prove to be complicated for humans. Our system, on the other hand, takes into consideration variables like demographics, status and, previous online activity to present various versions of your site or product to different groups of people on a person by person basis.


As opposed to traditional testing that allows you carry out only one test at a time and wait for a broad audience to take this test before a conclusive result can be made, our AI system is faster and delivers better results.


With our AI system, there is no need for a team of people monitoring this testing. So resources and cost are freed up for undertakings.

Possibility Of Large Application

Our AI allows you to test with as many variables as you want until you settle on the one that delivers preferred result.

ADOHM allows advertisers to manage all their ads in one place will be better grouped in the future.

The future of ad optimisation lies in Omni and cross-channel ad optimisation. Omni-channel ad optimisation will help programs to give a holistic performance overview to their advertisers. The plan will also allow advertisers to control ads across all channels in a single place.

ADOHM’s ad optimisation feature can further help businesses grow, as the primary appeal lies in improving advertisers’ ROI across all advertising channels. Enabling complete cross-channel optimisation can help platforms explore an opportunity worth $1 billion.

ADOHM’s Ad optimisation can leverage autonomous media buying to reduce repetitive tasks and free up advertising professionals to focus on more creative tasks. Automating processes can further help advertisers better target users based on audience-insights.

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