Artificial Intelligence has been around for a while but recently it is being adapted a lot more into the business. Artificial intelligence has been taking marketing to a whole new level. Questions like will AI replace digital marketing, will AI replace marketing jobs, have been asked by many people. AI in marketing can help increase the speed of all your marketing activities, enhance your customer experiences and drive conversions. It is understandable that there are many marketers out there who do not understand the need to invest in AI for marketing. Let us have a look at some data to prove that AI marketing is worth the investment.

  • About 72 % of marketers believe that AI is a business advantage for them.
  • 55 % of companies are incorporating AI in their marketing activities.
  • 63% of marketers believe that AI marketing increased their conversion
  • About 61% of marketers believe AI marketing improved their customer experiences.

How is AI beneficial to marketers?

  • Personalization – Personalized marketing has become the need of the hour. Customers expect brands to make customized content that will appeal to their interests and suit them best. AI uses data to help marketers understand what their customers need. Marketers can personalize communication and tailor them to the needs of the customers individually.
  • Chatbots – Chatbots make it very easy for customers to contact brands. You can set a few predetermined answers to common questions. This will ensure that the customers are given assistance without any delay which allows the employees to focus on other tasks. In case the customer has a complex issue, chatbots will redirect the chat to a human employee.
  • Targeted Advertisements- AI helps target customers that match the brand’s criteria. Location, age, gender, and time the criteria can be anything. If it matches, the ad-buying system will automatically bid on the impression and will display the appropriate content.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)-  AI can help pick up misspellings and suggest alternatives while a customer is searching for something on a search engine, it may be influenced by the customers past browsing or their shopping behavior. Since these days people also search using voice recognition, AI helps interpret complex speech patterns.


Everything discussed in this blog proves that AI marketing is definitely worth the investment for a marketer. Will digital marketing be automated? It definitely should be as it makes a marketer’s job a lot easier.  ADOHM’s AI platform has been built to be a marketer’s best friend. ADOHM is an autonomous machine that can deliver personalized communication across multiple channels with little or no intervention from the marketer.

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