Marketing intelligence is all about gathering information related to a specific market so that you can develop a competitive strategy to sustain. This information can be used to analyze existing customers, market scenarios, problems, growth potential, and competitors. The growing businesses can obtain this marketing intelligence through external and internal sources such as clients, distributors, manufacturers, news websites, social media channels, surveys, and sales logs as well.

Now, some of you might be curious to know about how marketing intelligence can help to grow in the competitive market. Well, it can be primarily divided into four different sectors,and each one of them helps you to become more efficient in the market. Below we have highlighted a few details about each one of them:

Competitor intelligence:

This category is dedicated to learning more and more about your competitors. In order to do this, you may start with SWOT analysis so that you can understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. The prime target is to understand why the audience may prefer their products or services over your collections. This analysis can further help you to improve your business to achieve better market potential.

Product intelligence:

Once you understand the method to compare your competitors,it is time to check your own product and service. Businesses need to analyze the performance and quality of their niche. This information may help you to ensure more customer satisfaction in the market. In case if you are serving clients with a physical product, you may need to analyzethe entire manufacturing process. Make sure that you are building it in a more efficient way to improve customer experience.

Market intelligence:

It is time to understand how your specific product is performing in the target market. In this case, you may have to look at various market areas. Look for the new expansion opportunities and check which more audiences can take benefit from your niche. This information may also help you to understand the interests and preferences of your audience. These details can be further used to boost your satisfied audience base in the competitive market.

Customer intelligence:

Understanding the target customers is the key factor to boost the life cycle of your product. It is important to understand that acquiring a new customer can be almost five times more expansive as compared to retaining the existing one. Collect some relevant reasons why some customers prefer to buy from you and what challenges your sales team are facing in the market. The goal is to collect more details about the target audience so that you can reshape your marketing campaigns.

With all such impressive details, there is no doubt to say that the market intelligence system is more useful for all companies and businesses. The advanced ADOHM tools can help you to target more audiences in the market while building a solid reputation. These strategies can further enhance your satisfied customer base so that you can stand ahead of competitors.