Challenges of Healthcare

The idea of placing healthcare decision making and purchasing power into customer hands has evolved the way we access healthcare. Today, majority of the customers from healthcare begin the journey online. Surveys, estimate that about 7% of Google searches everyday are related to health. That adds up to 70,000 searches every minute. 

importance of integration for health care

As more consumers are actively participating to choose their healthcare services, the healthcare marketers are adopting and tuning into the strategies to engage their loyal customers. Marketing technology, or Martech, has become a very vital part of the process. 

Importance of Integration for Healthcare

Technology isn’t lacking for most of the healthcare sectors, the data and the information needed about their audience is already available. If there is a problem, it is due to the lack of stack, In other words, the data is isolated, sales and the marketing tools are not talking to each other, hence coordinating the campaigns and reports has become more than difficult.

The goal for healthcare sector to build the Martech stack is bigger. Many hospitals are manually matching their data with CRM records. Healthcare sector should associate their marketing activities with a clear ROI. This can be done through using the right tools, right alignment and putting the right processes in place. 

The need is, to imagine what marketing initiatives have worked for them, how was it executed, how much revenue did it generate. In other words, they should make sure that all the different pieces of Martech Stack, CRM tool, marketing automation is talking to each other.

Integration is not only to create smooth workflows, it should be used to connect the data and reporting effectively.

ADOHM’s Integrated Feedback System

ADOHM has an autonomous feedback loop system which captures lead information and sends manual feedback by sales teams automatically to marketing campaigns. ADOHM’s central intelligence system creates automation across marketing campaigns and brings in consistent experience. Nothing beats the speed and efficiency of a fully automated process. Not only does our system perform automated reporting and analytics, but it also does this at a fast rate and gives the result in an easy to read and easy to interpret format and with the power of AI, this process goes on smoother and faster.