CRM softwares help businesses maintain relationships with their existing and new customers. One very effective way of reaching customers is email marketing and naturally you should pick the best email marketing software for your business. CRM softwares make email marketing much easier and effective to carry out. They offer email marketing tools and automation that speeds up the process of reaching customers while fully retaining personalisation and quality of the content. Let us look at some data that shows the need for CRM in email marketing.

  • About 59% B2B companies prefer using email marketing to generate leads.
  • 80% buyers prefer being contacted by mail.
  • CRM can help increase sales rates by 30%.
  • CRM helps increase your customer retention and satisfaction rates.

Three points to consider while picking a CRM Software

  • Easy to use- While choosing a CRM software, you must pick one that is easy to use so that it can be used without any difficulty by the employers and as a result email campaigns can be carried out smoothly. Your team should be able to collaborate with each other easily.
  • Efficiency- A CRM software must be able to perform the activities that you are looking for.  Make sure the one you pick will allow you to smoothly create, send and track your emails all without compromising on the personalisation of the content. The software should allow you to create email campaigns and send them out without taking up too much time.
  • Features- Looking into the features of what CRM software and what it offers is necessary. Mail sequencing, templates that can be shared, bulk email marketing services, personalization are some features to look out for.

ADOHM Helps integrate CRM with Email Marketing

ADOHM provides an email marketing platform to automate email campaigns. You can send emails to an entire list of people in one go by setting up a programmed email campaign that will be sent to the person when they meet the trigger. The integrated CRM software will help track your emails and will make sure you don’t miss out on any responses from your customers enabling you to convert leads into sales efficiently.

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