When it comes to marketing strategy, the past few years have been spent in a perpetual state of discovery and improvement. Yet one thing has remained the same: email. Email marketing has combined its place in campaigns and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon but, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a makeover.

step-up your customer engagement game

Switch up the Layout of your Emails

One thing that it does not apply to is email marketing, more specifically, your email template. Emails can be pretty formulaic, they all serve a flow that typically includes a header image, email copy, a call to action and an email footer, usually in that order. It does make it more comfortable to edit, this layout can become inactive, and you may find your audience floating your content instead of absorbing your message.

An easy solution is to switch up the layout of your emails. Instead of the typical linear design, try a “broken” grid look, which will help you to explore with images and text in a way that looks cut out. It can help break up the monotony and will enable you to showcase beautiful imagery.

Embrace Intelligent Email Design

It was prophesied that 2019 is the year of creative email design. So what does this mean exactly? Alert emails are backed by AMP (accelerated mobile pages) that allow your supporters to click on a link or complete a survey without being redirected to another page. But glorious email design is more than that. It is forward-thinking when it comes to building new and useful emails that engage your readers and give them full access to your content.

Take Advantage of Updated Visuals

For your subscribers to even consider reading your email, it has to be visually appealing. One of the simplest ways to make your content pop is by using innovative fonts and typography. In extension to catching the eye of your reader, using different typeface also doubles as a sales tool because it highlights generous offers that tempt consumers into purchasing.

Including innovative videos and images in a different way that can help you step up your email game. Photorealistic images are now possible thanks to specific tools and are even more effective at storytelling because they have a more significant impact. Videos can also leave a lasting effect on subscribers because they are a more effective way to communicate your message.

Don’t be Afraid to Incorporate Social Media in Unique Ways

Some may argue that social media already has a place in email design. Linked icons are more often than not covered in the footer of any email. So how else can social media help step up the design of your email? The answer is simple- add a live feed element to your emails. It doesn’t have to be showy or over the top but can be offered as showing the latest post or tweet at the time the email is opened. These live media feeds help garner more natural visitors to your website and give more chances for the audience to engage with your brand.

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