When it about marketing automation, tech-savvy company owners are implementing software at an unparalleled rate. These tools offer countless benefits and can come in helpful at each stage of the selling funnel.

The following marketing automation tactics have proven to be effective over time.

automation tactics through ADOHM

1. Increase engagement with content

Customer retention goes beyond just closing a sale. It’s necessary to take specific steps so that they will stick to your brand. Autonomous Marketing automation should be used to renew customers’ curiosity and promote repeat purchases. The issue of discarded shopping carts is quite rampant. One of the factors responsible for this is the high purchasing costs. The good thing about marketing is that you can always discover fresh possibilities for any situation. Timely follow-up emails can prompt customers to make a purchase.

2. Organize drip campaigns

Drip campaigns can improve your click-thru rate compared to regular emails. It involves sending follow-up emails that align with the decisions of each lead. A simple action like sending a welcome email as soon as lead signs up mean a lot to them.

3. Nurture quality leads

It’s impossible to convert every lead to a faithful customer, so identify the ones keen to know more about your product and services. This is a sure way to market your brand to your prospective customers better and prevent misuse of sources. Gather valid contact details via lead forms. A forecast by Forrester reported that lead nurturing results in over 50 per cent increase in sales at a decreased cost of 33 per cent.

4. Segment your contact lists

The different parameters for segmenting leads include geographic location and demographics. Another way to break them down is to investigate the determinants that impact your customers’ purchasing decisions. Marketers who prioritize list segmentation often see that they make the most out of their online marketing campaigns.

5. Learn from top performers

Top players exist in all sectors of the market. You need to do your due diligence if you’ve yet to identify them in your industry. They have a stock of knowledge because they’ve tried different strategies. Subscribe to their newsletters and witness the content they share on various platforms. These top players can range from individuals who are specialists in their field and have shown good knowledge on the marketing automation trend to tech-savvy companies who have long fulfilled the pattern and are reaping huge benefits from it.

6. Monitor results

Tracking your business’s accomplishment is very important, and this entails more than checking weekly or monthly reports. A marketing automation plan is deficient if it lacks well-defined goals and purposes. Any goal that you set must be measured. There are many tools for tracking results and performing A/B tests. Please take advantage of them and know how to evaluate the engagement level of your audience and reveal effective strategies. This can go a long way to boost the performance of the support team and other concerned groups.

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