The Covid-19 – Biggest challenge faced by humans post world war-II.

The biggest companies had to shut their stores including the mighty APPLE.

The oldest advertisers had to stop adverting since their brand inception including Coca- Cola.

Concentrate on your brand and stay connected

As a marketer what you can do during the pandemic:

Communicate Communicate Communicate  ….  !!!!

It brings in confidence with your existing customers and future customers.

Best brands are those which glide through the tide during crisis.

Show your business continuity plan with your customers. The steps you have taken to glide through this crisis and how you will ensure uninterrupted service for your customers.

Send series of communications over Email, SMS, In-app or WhatsApp.

Below are the SMS sample communication sent by brands.

brief about the pandemic caused

Sample Email communication:

strategies planned by different brands

Sample Business Continuity Email Communication:

plan strategies to boost your wellbeing at home

Humor works really well during a crisis as it gives a break from all the grim news:

keeping a connection with customers during this pandemic


Stop advertising if cash flow is a problem.

But it’s the best time to advertise if you are looking for a long term strategy as the CPM or CPC are lowest during a crisis.

Your customers will have the highest recall of your brand as compared to a non-advertising brand when a crisis is over.

Post Pandemic:

Since happy days are back again for most and it’s the responsibility of the marketing teams to bring the cycle back of the economy to full swing.

Spread the positive news with your customers. 

Re-engage all your existing or past customers first through re-targeting, email, SMS & WhatsApp automation.

Open the flood gates for your advertising budgets to improve online sales or store walk-ins since customers are back from a big break and want to spends their bucks on shopping spree.