The need for personalized messaging in marketing has only been increasing. Customers today expect content to be tailored to their needs and interests. A simple way for SMB’s to incorporate successful personalized messaging is by implementing the use of AI technology. AI will segregate the customers into different data sets and then extract valuable insights from them. The insights which are fed into the marketing automation engine are able to take action without any human intervention. AI helps brands step up their communication and increases the responsiveness to their customers. Let us look at some data that proves that personalization in marketing is extremely important.

  • About 63% of consumers said that they expect personalization from the brands they engage with
  • 81% of consumers expect their brands to understand them and know exactly when to approach them
  • 74% of marketers said that personalization has strongly helped their brands enhance their customer relationships
  • 54% marketers said their brands had experienced a 10% increase in sales due to personalization in marketing

Benefits of AI personalization

  • Understanding complex data- One of the biggest problems SMB’s face is comprehending complex data, AI solves this issue. AI feeds on the history of the customer data and is able to predict the future customer buying behaviour which enables brands to give the customers exactly what they want.
  • Enhanced consumer experience- AI enables audience segmentation. All the customers will be grouped on the basis of their gender, age, income, education etc. which will help brands tailor content accordingly. Through AI, emailers can be sent out to customers which will offer a solution that the customer was looking for, based on their previous purchases or interests.
  • Prompt responses to customers- AI helps companies tend to customers quickly, without any delay. AI powered chatbots can be used to tend to each customer individually. Answers to frequently asked questions can be fed into the machine and the answers can be personalized. Companies will be able to deal with customer issues without having to make them wait.
  • Targeted Advertising- AI helps personalize ad campaigns by understanding the customer’s journey which will help companies in creating ads that the customers will be interested to see. The campaigns can be designed in a way that the customer feels that it has been made for him/her.

ADOHM enables personalization with AI

ADOHM’s AI Platform allows you to deliver highly personalized communication across multiple channels. The AI technology will understand the customers, engage them and personalize their whole experience. ADOHM’s chatbot will provide personalized interactions with your customers and retain useful information from them which can be used to tailor your messaging accordingly.

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