A unified workspace describes the intuitive user experience as well as the management platform that allows access to applications and data independent of time and place. An easy-to-use digital workspace experience will ensure that the organization works smoothly and reaches it’s maximum level of productivity.

Why is a unified workspace required?

How does it help an organization? These are some questions that might be on your mind. The advantages of a unified workspace are enjoyed by both the employees as well as the management. First off why use multiple apps and tools when you can just use one platform for all your activities? A modern world requires modern solutions. Today employees expect to be able to work from any location and at any time using the devices of their choice and this can be achieved through a unified workspace. Secondly, the employees become more productive and it also reduces the infrastructure cost and helps the management create a modern corporate structure while saving a lot of time.

Let us have a look at some data that will support the need for unified work spaces.

  • 917 cloud apps are used by an enterprise on an average.
  • About 91% of these apps are not enterprise-ready.
  • 68% SMB’s use an average of 4 apps.
  • Around 10% of businesses now have more than 200 apps in their enterprise information-technology systems.
  • 45% of the IT decision-makers who were surveyed expect Unified Workspace Management to provide easier user support along with simplified access rights.
  • 90% organizations feel that unified workspaces make collaboration easier.
  • Companies miss out on revenue of 10% on an average due to miscommunications between the sales and marketing teams.

ADOHM as a Unified Solution

ADOHM is an artificial intelligence marketing platform that provides a unified workspace for sales, marketing and analytics. This tool will deliver highly personalized communication across multiple channels like mobile, social, video and display while you sit back and relax as it requires little-to-no human intervention proving to be a truly autonomous machine. Multiple campaigns can be launched seamlessly at the same time. ADOHM also provides the sales management software which provides lead management.

A great space for SMBs to get started on their digital journey is less cost, generating maximum Ad revenue. Why go for anything else when ADOHM provides it all? Explore the endless possibilities with us in Marketing and Sales with accurate data understanding.

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