Running multiple digital marketing campaigns can mean you’ll require a robust platform that can understand your daily campaign needs. It is always ideal that you use one application to run all your marketing operations instead of having multiple spaces to work in. If marketers work in different spaces, there can be an overlap in efforts, or even obvious things getting missed out.

To avoid this, figure the best AI marketing platform that understands how to run multiple campaigns at once and be accessed by more than one individual for easy operations.


  • 50% of SMBs are selecting marketing automation software to send email campaigns
  • Email marketing is the most sought-after digital marketing channel, with ROIs as high as 4400%
  • 55% of the e-commerce marketers use software for email marketing automation. And another 25% are planning to start in the coming year.

Scheduling Marketing Mailers with ADOHM

Send frequentemailers with ease when you’re with ADOHM.

The platform allows you to set a data and time for your marketing emailers and revisit them if need be. Its really as simple as that and you can endlessly create an infinite list of multiple emailers within a short span of time!

  • Upload your HTML/ZIP file into the Story Box
  • Create a Campaign and fill in your requirement
  • Launch Campaign!
  • Analyse data

Scheduling Digital Ad Campaigns

The best marketing campaigns are those that yield a high ROI. Artificial Intelligence advertising campaigns often bring the best results. With ADOHM, the interface for creating and launching digital ads is really made user-friendly.

app to run digital marketing campaigns
  • Upload your images/videos
  • Create a Campaign and fill in your requirement
  • Launch Campaign!
  • Analyse data

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