It is evident that the more you know your audience, the impact of your marketing methods would be fruitful. To not let those well-thought strategies and plans go to waste, it is highly recommended that all marketeers understand their audience. Audience segmentation tracks different aspects of a consumer’s lifecycle depending upon their actions and online activities.

While undertaking your marketing practices, organizing your customers with their basic information is highly important. ADOHM’s solutionshelp you with market segmentation based on consumer behaviour & data and deliver controlled messaging to your target segment while being efficient in terms of time, effort and resources.

Fact Check:

  • 95% of customers prefer personalized messaging based their needs
  • Brands that understood the consumer buying behaviour process surpassed in winning sales by 80%

ADOHM’s Customized Segmented Targeting

Campaigns addressed to a selective target segment yields a 200% higher conversion rate. With ADOHM’S AI Marketing solutions, you will be able to create customized lists of consumers who fall under specific categories. The ADOHM Dashboard allows you to filter data seamlessly by age, group, demographics, psychographics and so much more.

The importance of consumer behaviour is on a steady rise in the marketing world. ADOHM’s easy-to-use marketing platform is now offering simplified market segmentation as an option before running campaigns of any kind—Email, remarketing, or even social media ad campaigns. You can target specific URLs to all groups or just the selected ones and also sort massive consumer data within a few clicks!

Push Notifications to Remarketing

Sending personalized notifications via SMS, App Notifications and Whatsappis the key. One huge advantage of ADOHM’s market segmentation is that it allows you to segregate your audience effectively and in no time. If a group of potential consumers have visited your website but did not take any further actionleading to payment, you can direct tailored messages on these targeted people and put out a word.

Push Notifications can take different forms depending on what you need to communicate. If you’re an ecommerce business – Back In Stock, Promo Deals, Price Drop Push are often the most common push notifications.

Similarly, a Remarketing approach can work on those whose direct contact details haven’t been captured. Therefore, you may not be able to send SMS push notifications, but your ads would rather show up on their screens often.

SaaS-based growth marketing is all the rage when it comes to consumer buying behaviour. To boost conversions, marketeers are heavily relying on push strategy and remarketing techniques to triumph over better ROIs. Market segmentation also allows you to win back Inactive Users and re-appear on their screens with a warm, personalized messages.

DID YOU KNOW? Nearly 76% of consumers expect brands to understand their preferences. With ADOHM’s Marketing Solutions, you will be able to create customer lists on our AI Platform that will help you target the right audience for particular campaigns. The unified AI Marketing Platform offers several services to simplify your marketing cycle and help you run a business more effectively.

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