ADOHM’s Dashboard is designed to provide an in-depth view of the conversion funnel to help inform marketing decision making and campaign spend.

With a dashboard, it’s easy to see marketing metrics that easily demonstrate precisely what a business needs to do to facilitate the best connections with their customers. These metrics measure how the sales pipeline is filled, and the lead nurturing happens to close a deal.

ultimate guide to ADOHM Analytics list


  • Top Campaigns – it gives the details of the top-performing campaigns for your business with the platform getting the most tractions and details like conversions, clicks, cost, CPC, CPA, etc.
  • Campaign Insights – Campaign insights give you the total picture of all your campaigns to date from the very beginning. It provides details of cost, impressions, clicks, conversions, CPC, CPA, Phone calls, CTR.
  • Gender breakdown – It gives an analysis of the gender that has interacted with the advertisement the most no. Of times.
  • Platform Breakdown – it gives a breakdown of the platform getting the most tractions for your ads that have been running. The platforms are Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Taboola, Email campaigns based on impressions and clicks.
  • Device breakdown – It gives an overview of the device used where the user viewed your ad. It can be a computer or mobile phones or tablets.
  • Worldwide performance – This section of the Dashboard gives details about the ad performance worldwide. It specifies the locations and geographies where the ad has been performing the best.
  • Channel Breakdown – it showcases the details of your ad campaigns based on the type of channel that was used and the impressions and clicks that it got. The channels are display, search, video and social.
  • Mobile OS breakdown – it gives the percentage of users that form android or iOS or other Operating systems.
  • Click days contribution – It tells the details about the no. of clicks that led to one conversion and and the no. of days that took for the that one conversion to happen.
  • keywords contribution to conversion – It provides details about the indirect keywords that have led to conversions and the keywords that have given the maximum conversions in an ad campaign.


  • Lead stats – Lead stats is to help us understand the new lead pipeline that has been created, the no. of leads won and lost and the conversion rate. It gives an overview of the activities in your sales pipeline.
  • Project Performance – The project performance selection caters to the details about the leads created, lost and won under different projects. This feature helps highlight projects which need attention or corrective action.
  • Lead Stage funnel – The lead stage funnel is a graphical representation to help understand the different stages in the sales process and the number of leads flowing through those stages.
  • Communication Stats – Communication stats help understand the number of conversations that have happened between the sales team and the prospective customer and helps process the turnaround time for the closure of the deal.
  • Lead capture activity – it gives detailed information about the no. of leads captured and the team working on those leads or prospective customers and the assignees of these conversations.

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