As a professional real estate mogul, you want to grow your business. Marketing plays a reasonable role in capturing the attention of potential customers. Recently in 2018 research done by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) revealed that 87% of home buyers buy their home through a real estate agent. It’s evident there’s a good market for real estate agents. But reaching potential prospects is the most important thing.

10 Successful Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Here are some real estate marketing ideas top agents use to promote their businesses. Whether you’re just beginning or are an experienced realtor trying to attract new customers, these marketing tips is a great tool for creating a successful marketing plan.

1. Create a website

Many clients search through the internet to check for products and services before they purchase. Real estate business website will show prospective clients what you have to offer, and listings on your website page and update them regularly. In addition, this will keep prospects visiting your site as they search for properties.

Marketing For realtors

2. Build a blog

You can also start blogging and creating web content that is well optimized for SEO. This ensures that your posts show up in prospect search results every time. Tools like Google Analytics can help you find the keywords your target clients are looking for and will inspire you with new topics.

3. Develop an email marketing campaign

Send a monthly newsletter that summarize all your blog content, and reach out to contacts when new property listings are available. Including images of the properties that link to the full listing, a video walk through the property, or a virtual staging of the home.

4. Employ virtual staging

How can you pique buyer interest? You can pique buyer interest by giving them a sneak preview of what the home looks like by using a virtual staging website. Online staging can go a great deal in saving your time and money and most importantly the stress of physically staging a home. Research carried out in 2018 of 4,200+ homes found 85% of staged homes sold for 6-25% more than non-staged homes.

5. Try experiential marketing

Experiential marketing engages your prospects and “invites an audience to interact with your business in a real-world situation.” Hosting a tour of the area you’re selling in, holding an event to teach area homebuyers about the process of buying a home, or arrange an open house and invite buyers to view the home.

Best real estate marketing tools

6. Partner with local businesses

One of the best ways to promote listing especially is by using your local connections and partners with clothing boutiques, home decor showrooms, and coffee shops to promote listings. You can host an open house event and invitee them as your guests. Set up pop-up shops in several rooms of the house, it is a great way to entice prospects to visit your open house.

7. Run paid Instagram promotion

Instagram is a powerful tool to get in touch with home buyers, promote your listings, and grow your brand. Paid promotions are one of the easiest and fastest ways to make your beautiful images reach more people.

8. Use drone photography

Drone photography is an amazing way of getting great shots of the home exterior and surrounding landscape. You can get a drone or use a drone service such as House Lens or Sold by Air, to create the best shot.

9. Create a Zillow profile

Zillow is an amazing platform that presents your present your business to over 188 million monthly viewers in the platform.  Zillow profiles enable you to share your listing with a massive audience and connect with potential clients. This will surely increase the possibility of gaining new buyers.

10. Real Estate Marketing Plan

So now that you are done acquiring some marketing idea, the next step to consider is to create goals. It’s obvious that success is far from your real estate business and marketing strategy if you don’t have clear goals.

Online marketing plan for real estate

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