Achieving an amazing advertisement isn’t only about the written content, it also geared by stimulating and engaging visuals. A perfect example is an online platform known as Instagram. Everything on Instagram is visual oriented; from Insta stories to photos, and videos.  This has become a known and popular platform for business. In June 2008, Instagram amassed a total of 1 billion active users monthly. Instagram has so many features that have made it a perfect and excellent platform to advertise your small business.

Reasons to Advertise on Instagram

1. Specific Targeting Options

Instagram ads have similar features to Facebook. They have precised targeting options for audiences. This reduces the possibility of wasting money on audiences that can’t translate to sales. Instagram helps you to target your audiences based on location, interest, custom audiences, automated targeting, demographics, behaviors, and look alike audiences.

2. Variety of Ad Types

There are several types of ads that are similar to running Facebook ads. There are ads that feature photos, videos, carousels, stories, and collections. The platform is user-friendly and the process is very easy to run. You can easily select your kind of ads and also your audience. This makes it quite easy to customize ads that fit your business vision and goals. You can also purchase, run, and track your ads using the Instagram app or by working with Instagram partner.

3. Custom Ad Objectives

Just like Facebook, there are different kinds of ads objectives that you can choose from your ads. These ad objectives synchronize with your business goals. Also, you can direct the action you would like your targeted audience to ultimately take. For example, if you want to get more views for your business and increase the level of awareness on your brand, you, then you will choose brand awareness as the objective. There still several options such as reach, traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, messages, and conversions.

If you have an audience that is more visually inclined, you definitely need to consider Instagram ads. This will give your online marketing the extra boost it needs. If you have the experience with Facebook ads, and then Instagram ads will be an easy transition. 

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