Ensure that you are spending your planned marketing money on the right channels that can get to the right audience.

If you are at a point of deciding the next marketing step to take, either to use the traditional marketing technique or the digital marketing techniques, Linda Popky a strategic marketing expert and author of Marketing Above Noise: Achieve Strategic Advantage with Marketing that Matters; advised that you should have a proper understanding of what will resonate with your audience and prospect. In her own words, she said, “If your audience is Millenials, then you’re going to need to different channels that if you are targeting the Baby Boomers or senior citizens.”

Despite the fact that digital and social media marketing can make a great impact, it’s also important to ensure you are investing wisely, Popky said. She further said; most small business owners waste money on Facebook or Google Adwords campaigns that don’t reach the right audience or encourage the audience to take action.

She said the smallest business rely on foot traffic such as shops, and service providers. Although some “old school” techniques still have merit. Printed marketing pieces have almost gone extinct, today; a well-planned mail piece will get more attention than an email blast that mostly lands in spam filters and eventually ignored. She also cited that a handwritten note to key customers is a more effective method and it is rarely used.

Some Traditional methods have gone extinct and have lost their relevance. Methods such as Yellow Pages and other printed directories are an example of these methods. Popky said; she recalls a time when advertising in the local yellow page was a major requirement for a small business to gain success. But today, we just Google what we need and check online reviews before choosing a service provider.

Glossy, four-color brochures and newsletters have also lost their relevance and some have gone extinct. These methods have been replaced with a more affordable, updatable digital counterpart. Popky said; People now use websites to promote products, and they create attractive downloadable PDF files that can be printed by the user.

According to popky, Trade shows, also once marketing staples, no longer have relevance like the way they used to be. Previously they were usually attended by great decision makers but not anymore. They only distract you and divert your time from marketing tactics that have more possibility of working.

Popky advised that when trying to determine the efficiency of a marketing tactic, traditional or digital; small business owners should ask themselves the following. Who are my key customers or prospect? Where do these customers go to find answers to solve their problems? When these questions are answered, then the tactics to use will become clearer.Click here to get the access for the free digital marketing tools for your business growth.